A Crown of Swords: Chapter 27

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Wolf Chapter Icon.png

To Be Alone

Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Cairhien, Ghealdan

Characters: Perrin, Loial, Karldin, Faile, Aram, the Two Rivers men, Jur Grady, Fager Neald, Aiel Wise Ones and Maidens, Cha Faile, Seonid Traighan, Masuri Sokawa, Berelain


Rand sends Perrin to Ghealdan to deal with Masema.


Perrin is walking through the halls of the Sun Palace after being ordered from Cairhien by Rand. When Perrin questioned Rand's treatment of the Aes Sedai prisoners, Rand became angry. Using the One Power, he picked up and threw Perrin across the room before ordering him to leave Cairhien. Perrin speaks with Loial and Karldin, who is an Asha'man. Loial is to visit all of the stedding to secure the Waygates. Rand even refuses to see Min.

Perrin saddles Stepper and heads north where he meets with Faile, Aram, the Two Rivers men, the Aiel and two Asha'man who are to accompany him. There are also two Aes Sedai with the Aiel. Fager Neald opens a gateway and Jur Grady, the other Asha'man, goes through it followed by the Maidens, Perrin, Faile and Aram. Faile is also bringing several of the Cairhienin and Tairen youths who pretend to be Aiel. The Two Rivers men are next, and then the two Aes Sedai, followed by the remounts and the supply carts. Perrin wishes that Neald would close the gateway so as to stop the next group of people, but he knows he cannot: Berelain and her Winged Guards ride through.

Going to a slight rise so that everyone can hear him, Perrin tells everyone that as far as everyone back in Cairhien knows, the following is happening: He has been banished, Berelain is on her way home, and the rest of them have simply disappeared. He tells them that in actuality, they are now in Ghealdan and they have two tasks to accomplish. The first is convincing Alliandre, the Queen of Ghealdan, that they are not invaders. The second is to find Masema, the Prophet of the Dragon. Perrin prays that everything goes quickly and smoothly. More than anything he wants to put distance between himself and Faile, and Berelain.

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