A Crown of Swords: Chapter 35

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Dragon's Fang Chapter Icon.png

Into the Woods

Chapter Icon: Dragon's Fang

Point of View: Min

Setting: Outside Cairhien

Characters: Cadsuane, Caraline Damodred, Darlin Sisnera, Min, Rand, Toram Riatin


Rand goes to meet the Tairen and Cairhienin rebels.


Min considers replacing Rand's furniture, especially a tapestry showing a lone swordsman about to be overwhelmed by many enemies. She thinks visiting the rebels is a bad idea and suggests comforting each other instead. He tells her he is not taking the Aiel, just her, and opens a gateway to a sparse woodland. Almost immediately they are met by a woman Rand identifies as Caraline Damodred. At first Min mistakes her for Moiraine, thinking of the only viewing of hers that failed. Caraline recognizes him and tells him she can accept him, but not the strange things that happen around him. Min tells her that even with him, there is balance.

Darlin arrives and Caraline tells him Rand is a cousin, Tomas Trakand, from a minor branch of the House. Darlin is not at all pleased when Rand does not treat him as a superior. He explains to Rand why he is there and that he will not leave till Caraline agrees to marry him. Min has a viewing that she will marry Darlin and Darlin will be a king one day. He says he would have let the Dragon Reborn have Callandor, but could not stand idle when he brought Aiel into Tear.

In the camp, they see six Aes Sedai. Min sees Daved Hanlon and warns Caraline not to trust him. Rand sees Padan Fain with Toram and announces he has one hundred thousand gold crowns on his head. Cadsuane asks to be introduced to Rand and the two verbally spar. She leaves and Toram arrives. Toram tells Rand and Min that Caraline is to be his wife, which she denies. He asks Rand if he wants sport, to play at swords; Rand agrees.


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Visions and Prophecies

  • (About Rand) "A tiny stab of guilt made her shift her seat on the coverlet. She had not really lied when he asked what viewings she had kept back. Not really. What good to tell him he would almost certainly fail without a woman who was dead and gone?"
  • (About Moiraine) "Min sighed regretfully, but it was not as if she had really expected Moiraine to turn up alive. Moiraine was the only viewing of hers that had ever failed."
  • (About Caraline Damodred and Darlin Sisnera) "Caraline Damodred drew herself up on her saddle, face cold enough to shame an Aes Sedai, but suddenly auras of red and white flashed around her and Darlin, and Min knew. The colors never seemed to matter, but she knew that they would marry - after Caraline had led him a merry chase. More, to her eyes a crown suddenly appeared on Darlin's head, a simple golden circlet with a slightly curved sword lying on its side above his brows. The king's crown he would wear one day, though of what country, she could not say. Tear had High Lords instead of a king."
  • (About Daved Hanlon) "He glared at her back as she took a goblet of punch and waved the servant away, and Min's breath caught at the aura that suddenly flashed around him, bruised hues so dark they seemed nearly black. 'Don't trust that man, Lady Caraline.' She could not stop herself. 'He will murder anyone he thinks is in his way; he'll kill for a whim, kill anybody.'" And later, "How to explain what she did know about Hanlon now, that his hands would be red with more rapes and murders before he died?"

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