A Crown of Swords: Chapter 5

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Dragon Chapter Icon.png

A Broken Crown

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: The Sun Palace

Characters: Annoura, Colavaere, Perrin, Rand, Faile, Dobraine


Rand strips Colavaere of all her titles and exiles her.


They enter the great hall to see Colavaere seated on the throne. She welcomes Rand, but tells him that "...what is done can not be undone". He takes her crown and breaks it with the the Power, before mending it again. He says to her, "...whatever can be done can be undone". She maintains that she was crowned legally and will rule in his name, if required, but that she has the right to the throne and crown.

Perrin asks if she also had the right to have Meilan and Maringil murdered, which she denies doing. She calls on Annoura Sedai to come forward, believing she is her advisor. Annoura tells her that she is Berelain's advisor, not Colavaere's and that an Aes Sedai doesn't become someone's advisor just because the person wishes it. She talks calmly to Rand, telling him that she could have struck at him before he knew she was there. He tells her that she could have died, as it is not him that has her shielded. Perrin is surprised to see Loial taking notes for his book. Rand then tells Annoura that he will parole her to Berelain.

Faile reveals that Colavaere plotted to break her oath of fealty and Dobraine charges her with treason, with the penalty being death. She denies this immediately, but Annoura reveals that Berelain has proof of the murders. Colavaere is stunned, letting slip that the Aes Sedai had promised Rand would not return. Not wanting to execute her, Rand strips her of her estates and titles and exiles her to a farm at the edge of the country. Rand dismisses the nobles, letting them know that those who leave the hall immediately will be forgiven.

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