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Herid Fel was a student of history and philosophy. He has written "Reason and Unreason", among other books. He comes to Cairhien to study in the Royal Library when Rand comes and liberate the country and city. He stays and joins Rand's School of Cairhien. He was killed by a gholam, possibly because he stumbled across some important information. Min believes he thought the seals must be broken.

Idrien Tarsin is the headmistress of the School of Cairhien. She is a very practical woman and during the siege of Cairhien, she invented a crossbow that she used to attack the Aiel from great distances.

Jander Parentakis is a man who believes he can move riverboats with waterwheels off a mill, or near enough, but when he puts enough men into the boat to turn the cranks, there is no room for cargo, and any craft with sails could outrun it.

Kin Tovere is a lensmaker from Cairhien. Rand uses one of his lenses during the battle for Cairhien.

Maryl Harke is a woman who designs large kites that she believes will be able to take her weight and allow her to glide.

Mervin Poel is a scientist of and the inventor of the steamwagon. He is bearded and balding. He seems to make significant progress, as steamwagons are used for transport in the Last Battle.

Niko Tokama is a woman at the academy. Whatever she is studying, there is no obvious practical benefit as Idrien thinks it silly

Ryn Anhara is a man who is working on generating and controlling electricity.