Bandar Eban

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.


Bandar Eban is the capital of Arad Doman, lying on the Aryth Ocean with it's outer wall just south of the river Dhagon. The wall surrounds three sides of the city, with docks on the south and three major roads exiting through the eastern wall, to Tarabon, Katar and Saldaea.It is not a great city, like those in the south, but is still impressive and is a prime port on the Aryth Ocean (TGH, Ch. 29). At the centre of the city is Arandi Square.

Unlike most cities, the streets are not cobbled, instead there are wooden boardwalks to avoid the mud (TGH, Ch. 31)

The city suffered greatly during the chaos following Alsalam's disappearance and was filled with thousands of refugees when news of grain brought by the Sea Folk at Rand's orders spread (This passage needs a reference). These were believed to be spoiled and dangerous to eat, so the population were prevented from reaching them (ToM, Ch. 35). After Rand abandoned the city, it fell to total chaos, but on his return, he was able to inspire men such as Durnham to reform a city watch and impose order (ToM, Ch. 25). He was also able to demonstrate that most of the food brought by the Sea Folk was still good and so feed the people (ToM, Ch. 25).


The Gull's Feast: A poor sector of town where fishermen dump their waste (TGH, Ch. 32)