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Author: Taimi Vandene


Brys is the Prince Consort of Queen Ethenielle of Kandor. He is her Swordbearer, the general of her armies, as well as her consort. He did not come to office through marrying Queen Ethenielle. He has strong reputation as a general. Prince Brys is a stocky, rough-hewn man in his middle years who appears more suited to armor than to his gold-worked green silks, though in truth he was accustomed to either (NS, Ch. 22). He is a solid, green-eyed man (NS, Ch. 25).


  • Prince Brys is at Aesdaishar Palace when Lan Mandragoran arrives there (NS, Ch. 22). He and his second son, Diryk, received Lan there shortly after his arrival to Chachin.
  • Once he learns that lady Moiraine Damodred has arrived, he sends the Shatayan to escort her to him (NS, Ch. 24).
  • Moiraine has an audience with Prince Brys. There she learns from Brys that Lan is king of Malkier if he wishes it (NS, Ch. 25).
  • Later, Brys has a lengthy audience with Merean (NS, Ch. 25).
  • Merean tricks Iselle into bringing Brys and Diryk into isolated balcony. Moiraine and Lan arrive, but too late to prevent her from murdering Iselle, Brys, and Diryk (NS, Ch. 26).
  • Merean tied and gagged Brys and Diryk with bonds of Air. Moiraine tried to slice flows holding the captives, but she didn't manage to do it while fighting with Merean (NS, Ch. 26).
  • Aesdaishar Palace mourns the deaths of Brys and Diryk.
  • Queen Ethenielle hasn't considered remarrying after Brys' death (TPoD, Prologue).


Spouse and general to Queen Ethenielle of Kandor (NS, Ch. 22). Father to Antol, Diryk, Jarene and four other children that haven't been named (NS, Ch. 25). A close friend to Lord Demain (husband to Lady Ines) who died ten days before Moiraine arrived at the palace (NS, Ch. 25).


  • Lan saved his life twice in the Blight, and he has saved Lan's life twice (NS, Ch. 22)
  • In private, Brys and Lan spoke of hunting and bandits and whether this past-years flare-up in the Blight might die down soon, as well as of the rumors about a man who could channel. Brys didn't take those rumors seriously (NS, Ch. 22).
  • Brys regretted withdrawing his army from the war against Aiel, but there had been no alternative (NS, Ch. 22).


He caught Lan's shoulders, refusing to allow him to bow. "None of that from the man who twice saved my life in the Blight, Lan." (NS, Ch. 22)

"Had I known she intended that," the older man said as they walked up and down, hands clasped behind their backs, "I would never have given her welcome. If you wish it, I'll let her know that welcome is withdrawn. Don't look at me that way, man. I know enough of Malkieri customs not to insult her. She has you neatly nailed into a box I know you would never choose for yourself." (NS, Ch. 22)

"Lan is a king if he wishes it, my lad,." Brys said. A very odd thing to say, and his doubtful tone make it odder. "He keeps much to his rooms," Brys sounded troubled about that, too, "but you will meet him before you -- My Lady, are you well?" (NS, Ch. 25).