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The Green Ajah at TarValon.Net

Greenheader2.png Who are we?

The members of the Green Ajah have many different shades. But through all our different shades and our broad and varied interests, there are a few themes that hold true.

We are strong in ways that are usually (though not always) attained through adversity. We might not always choose our battles, but whether we win or lose we remain resilient. If we fall, we get back up, with or without aid.

We are fierce in our devotion to whatever cause we might take up. That fierceness translates to our relationships as well, be they with friends, family or lovers. As an Ajah, we are always here to support and provide backup for those who might be in need of it.

We will always defend one another and those in our lives that we have chosen as family. We stand for one and other, not because we need it, but because we want to. We are willing to go above and beyond with an unrivaled ferocity.

We have a very straightforward and down to earth attitude about all aspects of humanity. We speak frankly about anything that comes up - no subject is taboo, and internal censor buttons are few and far between. We can be diplomatic if the situation calls for it, but we don't make it a habit because where's the fun in that? Like any family, we may not always agree on everything but in the end we love and appreciate each other as an Ajah.

Members of the Green Ajah are as diverse as their reasons to make the Green Ajah home. If you think you're Green, you're Green, end of story.

Greenheader2.png Guesting with Green

If you would like to come and visit The Green Ajah as part of your guesting journey please see our Contact Page for what you need to do.

We are a welcoming bunch and we look forward to having you spend some time with us. When you guest with Green you can request a Big Green who will be your official guide during your guesting. They will be available to you for anything you need, they're also a great way to get to know one of the Greens that you may not know already.

Greenheader2.png Green Ajah Mottos

  • al dival, al kiserai, al mashi

Translated from the Old Tongue which means for light, glory and love.

  • We will be there

To represent our loyalty and dedication to one and other.

  • Strong as Steel, Smooth as Silk

Green Ajah Leadership

Greenheader2.png Official Positions

Greenheader2.png Unofficial Positions

For more information please see Positions within The Green Ajah.

Greenheader2.png Site Positions

Current Executive & Administrator Involvement by the Green Ajah.

For more site positions, please see Greens in Positions at TarValon.Net.

Green Ajah Members

All About Green

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