Crossroads of Twilight: Epilogue

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Wheel and Serpent Chapter Icon.png

An Answer

Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Lord Algarin's estate in Tear

Characters: Rand, Bashere


Rand is told that the Daughter of the Nine Moons wants to meet him.


Rand is staring out the window at the rain and the lightning. The wounds in his side and the herons on his palm are aching. Lews Therin whispers into his mind that "sometimes, pain is all that lets you know you're alive."

The door opens, and Bashere enters. He tells Rand that the Seanchan have agreed, but that they insist on a meeting with Rand in person; Suroth wants him to meet the Daughter of the Nine Moons.

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