Get To Know the Reds: Calypsa

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Calypsa al'Nicolai, Red Ajah Aes Sedai

Senior Member Interview



Regulatory Affairs Manager


Four indoor cats (Sebastien, Umlaut, Nova, Quasar), one puppy (Bria), and two outdoor cats (Celestial, Little Gray)

Favorite Books

LotR, Harry Potter, the Belgariad and Mallorean series, The $64 Tomato, In Defense of Food

Favorite Movies

LotR, My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Favorite TV Shows

The Closer, In Plain Sight, 24, House, Good Eats


Reading, writing, gardening, cooking, photography, knitting, outdoorsy stuff in general

If I could travel anywhere it would be to

I'd go back to the UK to see my Sister Fi and to tour around Scotland again, and to then move down to spend time with my friends in Liverpool

I chose the Red Ajah because

The Red Ajah just called to me. From the moment I joined and a Red reached out to me to help show me the ropes on the site, I was hooked. I love the ideals of the Ajah and it truly feels like home to me. It is the one place where I can 100% be myself. It's simply home.

Positions I’ve held within the Red Ajah

Sitter, Heart

Positions I’ve held around the site

Director of Moderators, General Services Manager, moderator of the Mundane forum, Legal Department-type person, and Research Assistant.