Hyam Kinch

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn



Hyam Kinch is an old Andoran farmer from a village not far away from Carysford. He is leathery-faced, silent, but friendly. He is also married and has children.

He gives Rand and Mat a ride on their flight from Four Kings. He does not think they are Darkfriends, he does however believe that they are running from something serious. When they are about to part, Master Kinch offers to let the two boys stay at his farm for a while.

(Reference: The Eye of the World, Chapter 33)


"'First off, I reckoned you for runaway 'prentices, but now I expect it's something more serious you're running from. Don't know what. Don't care. I'm a good enough judge to say you're not Darkfriends, and not likely to rob or hurt anybody. Not like some on the road these days. I got in trouble a time or two myself when I was your age. You need a place to keep out of sight a few days, my farm is five miles that way" he jerked his head toward the cart track "and don't nobody ever come out there. Whatever's chasing you, won't likely find you there.' He cleared his throat as if embarrassed by speaking so many words together." (Master Kinch to Mat and Rand; The Eye of the World, Chapter 33)