Jasfer Anan

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Jasfer Anan is a fisherman from Ebou Dar in Altara, successful, as he owns boats other than the one he captains. He is square faced and grey haired and wears a double earring to show he is a member of the ancient and Honourable League of the Nets, His chest and arms are criss-crossed with scars from duels he has been in, and survived (ACoS, Ch. 17).


  • c975NE He finds Setalle, sick and dying on the streets of Ebou Dar after she is Burned Out and takes her in, sometime later they marry and she adopts Altaran customs (KoD, Ch. 9).
  • He is present after Mat kills a man in his room (ACoS, Ch. 17).
  • Setalle sends him away from Ebou Dar with their children when the Seanchan arrive (WH, Ch. 29).


He is married to Setalle and they seem to have a strong marriage (ACoS, Ch. 17; KoD, Ch. 9). He has several children, including Marah, Frielle, Leral and Ross.


“Peace be on you, wife. I spoke without thinking” (To Setalle after suggesting she ought to think on hiring guards, A Crown of Swords, Chapter 17). “Elynde tells me I am not firm enough when you speak out of line. I need to provide a good example to my daughters” (Setalle's reply, A Crown of Swords, Chapter 17).