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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Jeordam was an Aiel during the Breaking of the World, and one of Rand's ancestors. He was Rhodric's greatfather and Lewin's son. The first time he appeared in Rand's vision, he was an old man with white hair, yet when Rand sees through his eyes he is a young man of eighteen.

His mother had died of fever.

The only life he had ever known was "the snow, the tents, and the duty to protect." His sept consisted of almost two hundred people. He and his family guarded the Jenn.

He takes five Jenn who have been raided the night before to his father, where they decide to stay and abandon the Way of the Leaf to free their family members and fight their captors. Morin, one of the Jenn, tells him she saw his face in "the dream."

Garam's father let them draw water from his lands, in site of modern-day Cairhien.

(References: The Shadow Rising, Chapter 25)