Language of Fans

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Author: Rebekah Demadrek

As a Blue sister and Aes Sedai in general, you will travel to many places, and to blend into these places, you'll need knowledge of how to communticate well. That's why we Blue sisters have done a study on the Language of the Fans, an important language through Saldaea.

Records done by Blue sisters indicate that Saldaean women are taught how to use a fan almost from birth. The fan seems to become almost an extension of themselves with the most skilled women. With much practice, and a little inspiration, you too can learn this wonderful skill. And if your cause ever takes you to Saldaea, your success might depend on whether you can speak with the fan correctly.


Flirting is the most basis use for a fan besides creating a small wind, and though flirting is a talent most known to be found in a Green Sister, a Blue will sometimes find herself in situations where flirting might be essential for her cause. First, the most obvious treatment of the fan is how you hold it. Using your right hand usually has a positive connotation, and using your left hand has a negative. Other meanings include:
Holding the fan wide open mean I like you
Beckoning with the fan means Come talk to me
Holding the fan, and rotating your wrist means Dance with me
And a half-opened fan, pressed to your lips means Kiss me

And then there are a fews way to tell a guy to get lost

Fanning slowly means I am engaged
Hold the fan half shut means I want to be friends only
Hold the fan completely shut means I hate you
Dropping your fan says I'd rather date a goat
Striking his cheek with your fan means How dare you!
And turning your fan so he can only see the back side means I'll never speak to you again.

Serious Courtship

If your cause demands that you must build a more serious relationship, we have records on some movements that indicate more than mere flirting.
Opening your fan as wide as possible means Wait for me
Hold fan in right hand in front of your face means Follow me
Hold fan in left hand in front of your face means Leave me
Closing your fan and tapping your wrist means Meet me later
Tapping a man twice on the shoulder means Prove you're worthy of me
Handing him your fan means Make me yours forever
And tapping your heart then his means I give you my heart

Other Uses

Moving among people who have grown up with this kind of communication, you should also be aware that most women have a secret way to show a man their favor or their love. This could simply mean I love you, or it could be referring to a pet name for him. There are also other secret movements that can show a husband or fiance exactly what the wife is thinking without embarrassing him in front of other men.
Lastly there is one movement women only use in private, and when they are unsure of how to say it out loud. Of course, being an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, you wont have any real need of it but knowledge is the key to success.

Drawing the fan across the eyes means I am sorry