Lews Therin vs. Lucifer

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Author: Sataere Thruthheim

Lews Therin and Lucifer; Opposites or Equals?

Let me start this off by stating that I am not, in any way, attempting to ridicule or belittle anybody's beliefs. The purpose of this comparison is to outline one of the many instances where Robert Jordan has gathered influences from the histories and mythologies of our world to create a world all his own. When you look at Lews Therin and Lucifer, you will find that there are startling similarities between them. We will proceed to look at the similarities in their names, characteristics, and actions, and see how closely one resembles the other.

First off, we need to look at their names to notice where the similarities begin. Lews and Lucifer have very similar names, and if you played the telephone game, it would not be inconceivable to start with one name, and end with the other. If this were the only similarity, than it might be a coincidence, however the titles that both these characters have show more than just the rewording of a name. Lews Therin was known as the Lord of the Morning, Lucifer was the Morningstar. Lews Therin was once the First among Servants; Lucifer was the First among Angels. They were both prominent figures in their respective roles.

When you look at how each character is represented, you can see that their shared traits are not the only thing comparable. Both of them can easily be encapsulated by one word - pride. Furthermore, they were both brought down because of their pride.

If we take a look, even their eventual downfalls were alike. Lucifer was so proud, he declared war on God, and divided Heaven in half. With the coming of dawn, God defeated Lucifer and cast him down into Hell, and Lucifer was bitter, striving to escape his torment. Lews Therin's pride allowed him to ignore the Hall, and strike at Shayol Ghul. With him, he took all the male Aes Sedai. At dawn, he trapped the Dark One and the thirteen Forsaken in the Pit of Doom. However, as a result of his actions, Lews Therin and his Hundred Companions were struck mad by the Taint on saidin, the male half of the One Power.

At first glance, those stories might not appear similar, but upon closer inspection they are a lot alike, and even their differences are but two sides of the same coin. Just as Lucifer divided Heaven, Lews Therin divided the Hall of Servants. In both stories, the battle comes at dawn, and in the end, evil is defeated.

At this point, you might notice a distinct difference. In one story, Lews Therin is fighting for good, yet in the other, Lucifer battles for his own ends. However, upon closer inspection, you will notice that the end results for both are the same. Lucifer is cast down into Hell, along with all who joined him. Lews Therin and his Hundred Companions are also cast into their own doom; only their Hell is within their own minds. In the end, bitterness awaits them both.

I would like to leave you on a similar note to the one I started out with. This comparison is not intended to make light of the Christian faith. Instead, it only points out one of the many religious overtones that are evident in the Wheel of Time. And while you might think that Lews Therin is a good character, and comparing him to Lucifer is not fair to him, consider this. Does the average person in this world consider Lews Therin to be a good guy, or the equivalent of the Dark One?