Lord of Chaos: Prologue

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

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The First Message

Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Points of View: Demandred, Nynaeve, Elayne, Faile, Gawyn, Katerine, Sevanna, Morgase, Pedron Niall, Mesaana, Osan'gar


Demandred's Point of View:

Setting: Shayol Ghul

Characters: Demandred, Shaidar Haran, The Dark One

Demandred steps out of a gateway and onto the slopes of Shayol Ghul. Looking around, he sees Myrddraal blades being forged in the valley of Thakan'dar. Suddenly, a too-tall Halfman appears and introduces itself as Shaidar Haran, which means 'Hand of the Dark' in the Old Tongue. It takes Demandred to the Pit of Doom, where the Dark One demands information on events in the world. Demandred reports that Rahvin is dead and that other Forsaken have vanished. The Dark One already knows and lets Demandred know what happens to traitors. When the Forsaken assures his master that he will obey as commanded, the voice from the Bore asks him if he would like to be Nae'blis. Then it gives him a message that causes tears of joy to roll down his face.

Nynaeve al'Meara's Point of View:

Setting: Salidar

Characters: Nynaeve, Leane, Siuan, Moghedien, Elayne, Faile, Gawyn

Nynaeve studies Leane and Siuan through the a'dam with Moghedien's power. Siuan complains about the time that Nynaeve is wasting by trying to Heal stilling. Both women have more important matters to see to. When Nynaeve mentions that she feels something torn or cut within the women, Moghedien lets it slip that stilling was called severing in the Age of Legends. Nynaeve hands Siuan the a'dam bracelet to try on and she confirms that she can feel Moghedien's emotions, but is not able to channel through her. It is the same for Leane.

Suddenly Elayne storms into the room, scaring everyone half out of their wits, and tells the other women that Sheriam's council is sending an embassy to Caemlyn, but Elayne is not allowed to join them. She does not believe that her mother is dead, but Siuan brings up events that Morgase would not have let happen were she still alive. Elayne says that it is her right to go to Caemlyn to secure the throne, but the Aes Sedai in Salidar will not let the Daughter-Heir go near the Dragon Reborn until they know how far they can trust him, especially since they have heard of his amnesty (Rand intends to gather men who can channel).

Siuan and Leane know something about the embassy and tell the girls the little they know: nine sisters and Min are going. Then the two women leave, because they can no longer put off their work. Both Nynaeve and Elayne have gained a lot of credit due to questioning Moghedien and coming up with information from the Age of Legends. They also learn about Darkfriend plots from her and make the news seem to come as reports from Siuan and Leane's agents.

Elayne Trakand's Point of View:

Setting: Salidar

Characters: Elayne, Anaiya, Janya, Min

Outside of the room, Elayne waves to Birgitte, who is trying to play with Jaril and Seve, two boys who have come with them from Samara. Moghedien says that they are acting as apathetic as they were when she picked them up as part of her disguise. When Gareth Bryne rides by, Elayne remembers that she has heard about him recruiting the Hall's army.

Darting through the crowds, she encounters Anaiya and Janya, who praise her and tell her to be proud of her discoveries. They think it is marvelous that she is able to make ter'angreal, but neither they nor anyone else really knows that the bracelet and necklace were the first she ever made.

Elayne wants to see Min before she leaves and finds her at the River Eldar. They talk about Siuan wanting Min to spy on Rand and both confess their love for him. Although neither of them wants to give him up, they also do not want to risk their friendship and lose one another.

Faile's Point of View:

Setting: Emond's Field

Characters: Faile, Daise Congar, Edelle Gaelin, Elwinn Taron, Milla al'Azar, Perrin

Faile holds court every afternoon despite the fact that the manor house is not finished yet. Perrin should be there as well, but he does not like passing judgement on people that he grew up with. Sharmad Zeffar and Rhea Avin have come to ask which of them had the right to Wil al'Seen. Faile sends them to the Wisdom with the matter. Cenn Buie replaces the two women and complains about outlanders bringing "strange ways" into the Two Rivers, and about Master Hornval, the tile maker (and competition for Cenn) taking up "useful hands that could be put to work." Faile knows that Cenn has taken on helpers himself and reminds the old thatcher that the manor's roof is not finished yet, and that she will have to ask Master Hornval about his tiles, if it is not done soon.

More petitioners come. Espara Soman wants to deal with herbs and cures and is directed to the Woman's Circle. Jon Ayellin and Thad Torfinn dispute the boundaries of their fields and are to split the difference between them. Two Domani miners think they have seen signs of gold, silver and iron in the region. Faile allows them to search and give a tenth of what they find to Perrin. Liale Mosrara wants to open a carpet-weaving business and promises the first carpet to Faile.

After the Taraboner woman, the Wisdoms of the Two Rivers enter. Daise Congar, Edelle Gaelin, Elwinn Tarin and Milla al'Azar complain about three more boys having run off because of the stories they have heard from Perrin. Milla admits that she is frightened, because the weather is most unnatural and Faile reminds them of the hardiness of Two Rivers folk, which seems to reassure them.

Faile then goes outside to Perrin, who is watching Tam and Aram practice the sword. He says that he feels Rand tugging at him. When he tells her that he wants to leave the Two Rivers, she decides to go with him, no matter how many arguments he starts.

Gawyn Trakand's Point of View:

Setting: somewhere between Tar Valon and Cairhien

Characters: Gawyn, Jisao, Hal, Arwin, Mil Tesen

Gawyn checks the position of his men, who are prepared to fight Aiel. Jisao and Hal, two Younglings, have not seen any so far, and the latter is doubtful that an Aiel could hide in the bushes around them. From the distance, Gawyn sees three Wise Ones (Sevanna, Therava and Desaine) approach to talk to the Aes Sedai. Before they left Tar Valon, Coiren made him swear to keep his mission secret. They are on their way to Cairhien, where the six Aes Sedai with him are going to ask the Dragon Reborn to accompany them to the Tower, with the Younglings for an escort of honor.

After a short while, a peddler named Mil Tesen approaches the Younglings and wants to sell his things. Gawyn asks for news of the world and learns that Rand has taken Cairhien and Andor. Rumor says Morgase is dead and that the Dragon Reborn killed her. Instinctively, Gawyn grabs Mil's coat and wants to know about the Daughter-Heir. It is said that Rand killed her too, but the peddler is not sure. Gawyn intends to take revenge.

Katerine Alruddin's Point of View:

Setting: Somewhere between Tar Valon and Cairhien

Characters: Katerine, Sevanna, Galina

The Aes Sedai agree on an alliance with the Aiel. Sevanna agrees so long as she can see "his" (Rand's) face. The Wise Ones are escorted outside and Katerine wonders what Gawyn will say if he finds out that he and the Younglings are only there to get them away from Tar Valon. She also wonders whether Rand will come willingly, which Galina thinks he might, because their delegation does him much honor. Katerine is sure Sevanna will kill him given the chance and Galina reminds her Elaida will not be pleased to have her plans disrupted.

Katerine has been Black Ajah for twelve years and only learned Galina is as well when they left Tar Valon. There are Aes Sedai following them a day behind, but she does not know whether other members of the Black Ajah might be among them.

Sevanna's Point of View:

Setting: Somewhere between Tar Valon and Cairhien

Characters: Therava, Sevanna, Desaine

Therava is upset about the way the Aes Sedai treated them, but Sevanna is content that they agreed to the alliance. Desaine critiques her plan, making Sevanna feel threatened about her authority. She proclaims that they are no longer bound to the Three-Fold Land and must change, but Desaine insists that planting a knife between Rand's ribs would be easier than dealing with Aes Sedai. Of course, the Wise One has no notion of what Sevanna intends to do with the Car'a'carn. She was given a small cube by a "strange wetlander" and should use it once Rand is in her hands.

Morgase Trakand's Point of View:

Setting: Seranda Palace near Amador

Characters: Ailron, Morgase, Tallanvor, Breane, Niall, Paitr

Morgase converses with Ailron outside his Palace overlooking the gardens, until "pressing affairs of state" call for him. She turns back to her apartments with Tallanvor on her heels. He thinks that they should have gone to Ghealdan, which was no option for Morgase with the Prophet and his mobs practically on Alliandre's doorstep. Tallanvor says, "I will not abandon you this side of death, Morgase, but you abandoned much when you abandoned Andor to Gaebril." Morgase knows no House in Andor would support her, so she needs foreign aid. Ailron has finally agreed that she needs soldiers from outside to retake Caemlyn.

Lini and Breane want to talk about Tallanvor, but before Morgase can snap at them Pedron Niall enters her rooms. He assures her that Ailron cannot give her the aid she seeks, but he will give her five thousand Children of the Light if she but asks. Morgase wants to know why he would help her. He tells her that Gaebril is dead and the Dragon Reborn holds Caemlyn. Niall is sure that Aes Sedai do the channeling for Rand and that he is no more than a puppet of the White Tower. Morgase says that she needs some time to think and Niall will return in a day or two.

When Niall leaves, Tallanvor, Basel Gill and Lamgwin dart in and tell her there were thirty men with the Lord Captain Commander. Tallanvor says he was afraid for her and Morgase snaps at him, so he leaves. They would have fought and now think they failed. She wants to apologize to Tallanvor and Breane teases her again. Morgase hurls her goblet at the other woman and screams at her to get out.

Shortly after, a young man in livery enters and introduces himself as Paitr Conel from Market Sheran. He says he followed his uncle Jen to Amador and when they heard about Morgase they wanted to help her escape. Morgase asks him how things are in Andor, even though the boy wants to leave again after giving her the news about the potential plan for escape.

Pedron Niall's Point of View:

Setting: Fortress of the Light in Amador

Characters: Niall, Balwer, Carridin

Niall arrives at the Fortress of the Light. What he told Morgase was his own interpretation of events that he believes. Balwer lets him know that there are papers that await his signature and Carridin who awaits his presence in the audience chamber. Niall asks what Carridin thinks he was called for, to which the Lord Inquisitor replies that he is to take care of the Aes Sedai in Salidar. Still, he is going to be sent to Altara.

Niall thought he could bind the nations together under his leadership to dispose of Rand. He sent emissaries to every land to point out the danger of a false Dragon and planted other rumours, but "the rabid lion" as he calls Rand turned into "a giant that moved like lightning." Now, Niall tells Carridin that Altara and Murandy "are about to be tormented by a plague of Dragonsworn."

Mesaana's Point of View:

Setting: Semblance of a palace sitting room far from anywhere

Characters: Mesaana, Semirhage, Demandred, Graendal

Mesaana is building an inverted tower of ivory dominoes; she is proud of it, because she did not use the Power once. Semirhage is with her in the room doing needlework. Mesaana feels uncomfortable around the woman, although she matches her in strength.

Both are waiting for Demandred. It has been seventeen days since he went to Shayol Ghul and only now he informs them of a message. In that time, Mesaana has been to Shayol Ghul herself, but the Dark One did not answer. Demandred then appears and tells them to wait till all are there. Shortly after him, Graendal joins them, but Sammael is busy in Illian.

They talk about angreal and Mesaana informs the others that the White Tower now has wards around its strongholds. They want to know about Demandred's message and whether it says they are to kill Rand. Demandred quotes that the Dark One's exact words were: "let the Lord of Chaos rule." Then he tells them everything and Mesaana thinks it might work, with luck.

Osan'gar's Point of View:

Setting: A windowless room not far away from Shayol Ghul

Characters: Osan'gar, Aran'gar, Shaidar Haran

Osan'gar cannot stop himself from touching his face to make sure it is real. His face is younger than the one he had before, and ordinary, though he hates being ordinary. He was given the name Osan'gar before he woke from his second sleep. The woman with him is Aran'gar; both were names for duelling daggers after the opening of the Bore.

When a Myrddraal appears, Aran'gar furiously complains about having been put into this body. The Myrddraal says it was the best that could be found in the Borderlands. When Osan'gar finds himself unable to channel he thinks Aran’gar must have discovered the same. She launches herself at the Fade. It catches her by the throat and lifts her a foot off the ground. It tells them they have not been severed but will not channel unless allowed to and introduces itself as Shaidar Haran. It says she will adapt and soon it will be like she never had any other body. If she continues complaining she will be given to the other Myrddraal for their sport.

Osan'gar tells it to let Aran'gar down, but it replies that it only obeys the Dark One. When Aran'gar agrees to submit to the Dark One's will, it finally sets her down again. Osan'gar thinks that her body is a rich joke. Shaidar Haran says that they were dead and are alive now to serve the Great Lord a second time. Osan'gar assures it that he is grateful, and after a second Aran'gar nods. Shaidar Haran says that only it and the Dark One know they live, and if they succeed they will live forever and be raised above all others.

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