Luna Medals

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Luna Medals are achievement awards given to members of the Val'Cueran Company.

Each of these awards must come as the result of a recommendation from a Gaidin of Val'Cueran, and may be awarded to any VC member (Gaidin, bondmates or aspirants). Any member may receive any award any number of times. Recommendations are subject to approval from the Commander and Honor Guard.

Medal Descriptions

The five Luna Awards are based on the phases of the moon, and are awarded for the following achievements:

  • Luna Nova (the new moon): Awarded for achievement in teaching or mentoring; running a Classroom event, writing tutorials, Wiki research, or histories.
  • Luna Crescens (the crescent moon): Awarded for creative/artistic works; music, writing, poetry, or visual media.
  • Luna Justicara (the half moon): Awarded for acts of mediation or judging: service to the Hall, acting in the capacity of Marshal for an RL event, or running an online competition.
  • Luna Artemis (the gibbous moon): Awarded for acts of service or self-sacrifice: community service, giving blood, volunteering.
  • Luna Feras (the full moon): Awarded to the victor in a competition; for overcoming great odds or defeating opponents.