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In order to keep TarValon.Net a safe environment, the site has instituted policy for members attending official functions and/or wishing to become Senior Members to be ‘made real.’

One cannot attend an official TarValon.Net function, nor be raised to the rank of Senior Member, without being made real. This consists of:

  1. Showing a recent real life picture of oneself to one’s Membership Administrator.
  2. Calling one’s Membership Administrator and having a conversation with him/her, of any length (so long as the administrator deems it sufficient). Skype and other VOIPs fulfill this requirement as well as a phone conversation.
  • The Mayor of Tar Valon is the Membership Administrator for all Citizens.
  • The Master/Mistress of Novices and Recruits is the Membership Administrator for all Novices and Recruits.
  • The Master/Mistress of Accepted and Soldiers is the Membership Administrator for all Accepted and Soldiers.
  • Each Gaidin has a Company Commander. This is his or her Membership Administrator.

Accepted and Soldiers also have the option of calling one of their Heads/CCs, if the Master/Mistress of Accepted and Soldiers agrees to this arrangement. If for some reason you are unable to contact your Membership Administrator (due to very different schedules of availability), alternate arrangements may be made. Please contact your Membership Administrator if this occurs.

This policy helps to ensure that all Senior Members and any site members of any rank attending an official TarValon.Net function are as they represent themselves online (i.e. not a fifty-year-old male pretending to be an eighteen-year-old female). Once you have been made real, you are real; you do not have to do this process more then once.

Any questions regarding one’s status as ‘real’ should be forwarded to one’s Membership Administrator.