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What is the Department of Marketing?

The Department of Marketing was created at our administrative meeting in 2010 to handle the graphical needs of the organization, both internally and externally. The Department and its staff work to ensure that our image is professional and cohesive. This Department also handles our social media and external promotion.

What are the duties of this Department?

The Department Director manages and directs administrators and staff. S/he works with everyone in the Department to ensure that all official site marketing materials produced are professional and stylistically consistent.

The Editor-In-Chief of the TarValon Times compiles and edits our community news blog, and ensures that content in the TVT is engaging and informative.

The Social Media Manager manages our social media presence.

Reporters for the TarValon Times write articles, conduct interviews, and provide other content for the TVT.

The Social Media Team are responsible for updating our news feed and social media with news about the series, Brandon Sanderson, Tor, the Jordan family/estate, and any other information that might be interesting to our members or other people with an interest in the Wheel of Time series.

The Graphics Development Team forms the core of artists and designers who handle all official site graphics requests.

Emails within this Department

Department Director

Editor-in-Chief of the Tar Valon Times

Project Manager

Social Media Manager

Digital Producer

Chain of Command

Flow chart detailing the Chain of Command for this Department.


Requests for graphics should be emailed to the Department Director. Staff and administrators wishing to raise concerns or retire should contact the Department Director. If all of these avenues have been exhausted, then you should approach the Keeper. Please give everyone ample time to respond before moving up the chain of command.

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