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How does TarValon.Net raise funds?

Members can contribute to TarValon.Net at any time online through paypal. We also hold an annual drive to raise money to support our community. During our annual drive, we set fundraising goals and give members incentives to contribute.

In addition, our real life events serve as site fundraisers. Funds collected through activities such as raffles and da'covale auctions go towards our general funds, as well as any money left from ticket prices after all expenses have been paid. See Philanthropy at Official Events for more information.

What does the money go towards?

Money donated goes towards all of our annual expenses. This includes operating costs, administrative costs, the Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship, funding Emergency Loans, and other gifts to charities.

When is the fundraiser?

The annual fundraiser usually happens during the northern summer months. We also accept online donations to our general funds all year long.

How can I contribute?

You can donate to TarValon.Net online through paypal, via the button at the bottom of this page. For information on the current fundraiser, see the main page on TarValon.Net, Inc. Fundraising.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

No, as a 501c(7), donations are not tax deductible

What incentives are offered during the annual drive?

Incentives usually come in two forms: individual incentives and community-wide incentives. Examples of individual incentives include a special personalized thank you note, recognition on our site, and community perks. Community-wide incentives are earned by reaching milestone fundraising goals, and usually take the form of freeweeks and special community events.

How much has been raised in the past?

In 2010, we raised over $5,500 in the annual drive. In 2008, we raised over $3,000 in the annual drive.

How much money do we actually need for annual costs?

Our annual expenses are about $8000. This includes all our administrative and operating costs: our technology fees, bank fees, taxes, costs for raffle and other prizes, etc. Our actual budget is much higher than this due to events and conferences costs.

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