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Once you have been a Citizen for thirty days, you are eligible to join the Tower. You are not required to join the Tower to remain part of our community.

Applying to be a Novice or Recruit

If you choose to do so, you must email the Mayor with the answers to these questions:

  • Tower Name:
  • URL to avatar:
  • URL to profile on the boards:
  • Join date:
  • Senior Member Reference #1
    • Senior Member #1 email address:
  • Senior Member Reference #2:
    • Senior Member #2 email address:
  • Full Real Life Name:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Location: (you must at least provide your country of residence)
  • Gender:
  • Why do you wish to join the Tower/Garrison? Please note that one sentence is not enough here. Go into depth about why you wish to join the Tower. You want to meet people? That's great! But why do you want to do it as a novice/recruit rather than a Citizen? Do you want to be able to contribute more to the site? What do you think you could contribute? The Hall wants to know who you are and what your motivations are, not just that you've been in our community for a month.
  • Do you have anything you wish to add/share? (such as community service work or volunteer efforts you are involved with)

Going before the Hall

Once you have given this information, it is submitted to The Hall, who will vote on your application.

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