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Local Events are events organised or hosted by our members through the local events forum. Hosting a local event is a way of earning one of the Merit Badges

  1. Local Events are not officially funded or facilitated by TarValon.Net, Inc.
  2. Events posted in this forum are open to all members of TarValon.Net.
  3. Members at events should abide by our Code of Conduct.
Types of Event

Local events can vary immensely. Some are hosted at people's houses and may involve overnight stays, others can just be a few hours to play games, or visit a museum or show

During the COVID pandemic, these were very limited, but as the country opened up, hosting once again became possible and we added extra advice

  • Please be mindful of the regulations your area may have in place if you're planning on hosting a local gathering
  • Do all you can to protect the safety of all attendees.
  • It is imperative that you follow all health guidelines and any laws in place, you are encouraged to default to a conservative approach if you are not certain.
  • As hosts, you are in charge of your gathering - only asks that everyone in attendance follow the Code of Conduct.

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