Moiraine Damodred

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Moiraine Damodred
Nationality Cairhien
Affiliation Aes Sedai
Ajah Blue
Social Status Noble
Family Taringail Damodred
First Appearance The Eye of the World, Chapter 2

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn / Bryce al'Mara

Pronunciation: Mwah-RAIN DAHM-oh-drehd

Moiraine is an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. She is bonded to Lan Mandragoran. Along with her Warder, Moiraine goes to the Two Rivers, where she meets three young men, who are chased by Trollocs and Myrddraal. She scoops them away from their village, Emond's Field, and takes them on the road to the White Tower in Tar Valon in the hopes that they will be safe there.

WARNING! The next sections contain spoilers for the Wheel of Time book series.


Moiraine Damodred is of Cairhienin noble birth and was born in 956 NE in the Sun Palace in Cairhien. (LoC, Glossary) She's the daughter of Dalresin Damodred. She is the youngest half-sister of Taringail Damodred, and a niece of King Laman (TSR, Ch. 17). She is also Caraline's cousin. (WH, Ch. 13)

Moiraine has dedicated her life to getting the Dragon Reborn to the Last Battle.


Moiraine has large, dark eyes and dark hair that hangs in ringlets. A delicate gold chain is usually fastened in her hair; on it is a small, sparkling blue stone that hangs in the middle of her forehead. She is very short, about 5 feet to 5 feet 2 inches. (TEotW, Ch. 2)


While she was young, Moiraine was impetuous and hot-tempered. (NS) As an Aes Sedai she exhibits the common personality of Aes Sedai. She is calm and collected. She thinks things through and is not a very trusting person. She is very strong headed.

Condensed Timeline

This section contains spoilers relating to the whole series. Please expand to view.

  • 956 NE-Moiraine is born in the Sun Palace in Cairhien.
  • 972 NE-At the age of 16, Moiraine goes to the White Tower.
  • 975 NE-Moiraine is raised to Accepted.
  • 978 NE-Moiraine and Siuan witness the foretelling of Rand's birth.
  • 978 NE-Moiraine is raised to Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah.
  • Moiraine arrives in the Two Rivers just before a Trolloc attack.
  • Moiraine travels to The Eye of the World.
  • Moiraine finds the Horn of Valere and a seal for Dark One's prison.
  • Moiraine heals Mat with the help of the Amyrlin.
  • Moiraine balefires Darkhounds.
  • Moiraine chases Rand to Tear.
  • Moiraine balefires Be'lal.
  • Moiraine receives a letter from Lanfear stating Rand is hers.
  • Moiraine goes into the ter'angreal doorway in Tear to get her questions answered.
  • Rand teleports everyone, including Moiraine, to Rhuidean via a portal stone.
  • Moiraine goes through a ter'angreal in Rhuidean.
  • Moiraine loads up all kinds of ter'angreal, angreal, and sa'angreal from Rhuidean to be taken to the White Tower.
  • Moiraine gives Rand letters from Elaida and Alviarin.
  • Moiraine falls through a ter'angreal to the world of the Eelfinn (the Fires of Heaven)
  • Thom reveals to Mat that Moiraine is not dead and that the two of them, plus one other are capable of resuing her (KoD, Ch. 10)
  • Mat delays the attempt at rescue while he attempts to learn more about the Eelfinn and the Tower of Ghenjei (TGS, Ch. 27).
  • Mat and Thom find Moiraine in the Tower of Ghenjei and escape with her. (ToM, Ch. 55)
  • Moiraine tells Thom she wants to marry and bond him (ToM, Ch. 57).
  • Moiraine and Thom attend the meeting at the Field of Merrilor (AMoL, Ch. 5; AMoL, Ch. 6).
  • Moiraine and Nynave accompany Rand to Shayol Ghul and help him seal away the Dark One (AMoL, Ch. 47).

Moiraine's Journey

New Spring

This section contains spoilers relating to New Spring. Please expand to view.

  • Moiraine and Siuan witness Gitara tell of the Dragon's rebirth while attending the Amyrlin during the final battle of the Aiel War (NS, Ch. 2)
  • Moiraine and Siuan assist in collecting names to give out the bounty awarded to women who had a child at the time of the final battle (NS, Ch. 5)
  • Jarna asks her who she think will ascend the Sun Throne following Laman's death, and if any of her sisters are thought suitable. Tsutama asks if she has ever thought of being queen herself (NS, Ch. 6).
  • Tarna gives messages to Moiraine and Siuan to take to various Aes Sedai, who visit her. they take five messages between them (NS, Ch. 7)
  • Elaida oversees Siuan and Myrelle help Moiraine practice and tells them they are doing a poor job, so helps herself. She does this three times before someone tells Merean, who puts an end to it (NS, Ch. 8).
  • She takes and passes the test for Aes Sedai, though Elaida tries to make her fail. They place mice in her bed as revenge (NS, Ch. 9 Ch. 10).
  • Moiraine is raised and chooses the Blue Ajah (NS, Ch. 11
  • Tamra puts Moiraine in charge of distributing the bounty (NS, Ch. 12)
  • Sierin relieves Moiraine of the duty of the bounty, but tells her to stay in Tar Valon as they will have need of her (NS, Ch. 14)
  • Moiraine flees Tar Valon (NS, Ch. 14).
  • In Canluum, she encounters Cadsuane who instructs her not to leave (NS, Ch. 17).
  • Siuan tells her that Tamra's searchers are dead. She sneaks out of the inn without Cadsuane noticing (NS, Ch. 18).
  • She meets Lan and his companions outside Canluum. He throws her in a pond when she tries to take away his sword (NS, Ch. 19)
  • She uses tricks of the power to gain a petty sense of childish revenge on Lan (NS, Ch. 21)
  • She meets Siuan in Chachin and they realise the Black Ajah are killing men, but they can't figure out why (NS, Ch. 23)
  • She tells Lan of how the Tower failed Malkier and asks him to spy on Meran (NS, Ch. 25)
  • Moiraine fights and kills Merean, but is unable to prevent her murdering Diryk, Brys and Iselle (NS, Ch. 26)
  • Moiraine and Siuan realise the Black Ajah are killing any man who might be able to channel (NS, Epilogue)
  • Moiraine bonds Lan (NS, Epilogue)

The Eye of the World

Moiraine and Lan show up in the Two Rivers in search of The Dragon Reborn. (TEotW, Ch. 2) Moiraine meets Rand, Mat, and Perrin and gives them a Tar Valon Mark. (TEotW, Ch. 3) During Winternight Trollocs attack the Two Rivers and Moiraine, using Saidar, with the help of Lan fight them off. (TEotW, Ch. 7) Moiraine heals Tam which required the help of an angreal. (TEotW, Ch. 8)

Moiraine explains to Rand, Mat, and Perrin that the Trollocs weren’t there randomly, they were looking for someone. She pointed out that their places were the only ones that were really attacked. She convinces them that they have to leave with her. They all meet up in the stables to leave, where they are joined by Egwene and Thom. (TEotW, Ch. 10)

They leave for Tar Valon. (TEotW, Ch. 10) Moiraine has them stop at Taren Ferry for a short break then they leave for Baerlon. (TEotW, Ch. 11) On the way Moiraine starts to teach Egwene about channeling. (TEotW, Ch. 12)

They arrive in Baerlon where Moiriane goes by the name Alys. They get a room at The Stag and Lion. (TEotW, Ch. 13) Moiraine meets up with Min. (TEotW, Ch. 14) They are joined shortly by Nynaeve, who followed them. (TEotW, Ch. 15) After Rand is confronted by a Fade they decide that it's time to leave. At the city gate they run into White Cloaks. Moraine uses Illusion to appear as a giant and hold them off while everyone else escapes. (TEotW, Ch. 17)

On the Caemlyn Road they are attacked by a group of Trollocs who they must fight. Afterwards they head into Shadar Logoth to avoid the other fists of Trollocs. (TEotW, Ch. 18) In Shadar Logoth they are attacked by Trollocs. Mashadar separates Moiraine and Lan from the rest of the group. (TEotW, Ch. 20) Moiraine and Lan are joined shortly by Nynaeve at the Arinelle River and follow after the boys. (TEotW, Ch. 21)

They then head to Whitebridge where they learn the boys have been and continue after them (TEotW, Ch. 28). Moiraine, Lan, and Nynaeve then make a detour to the Whitecloak camp to save Perrin and Egwene. (TEotW, Ch. 38)

The group of them arrives at The Queen's Blessing where they find Mat and Rand. (TEotW, Ch. 41) After learning that Mat has become tainted by the dagger he took from Shadar Logoth Moiraine heals him the best she can. They then meet Loial and Moiraine asks him to lead them through The Ways. They use the ways to reach Fal Dara with Loial guiding them and barely escape Machin Shin. (TEotW, Ch. 45)

Upon reaching Fal Dara the group is brought to Lord Agelmar. Moiraine tells him about the Green Man and the Eye Of The World. Agelmar tells Moraine someone tried to enter the keep. That person was Fain. (TEotW, Ch. 46) Moraine questions Fain and learns he was a Darkfriend for 40 years and met Ba'alzamon 3 years before, where he was instructed to hunt down the boys. (TEotW, Ch. 47) They travel through the Blight, where the run into different creatures including Worms from which they are saved, as they reach The Green Man. Moraine asks him to take them to the Eye Of The World. (TEotW, Ch. 49) The Green Man leads them to the Eye Of The World. They encounter the Chosen/Forsaken Balthamel and Aginor. After the Green Man takes down Balthamel Moiraine tries to take down Aginor while everyone runs. Rand hears Moraine scream. (TEotW, Ch. 50)

Moiraine is waiting when Rand returns from defeating Aginor. (TEotW, Ch. 52) Moraine along with the rest of the group returns to Fal Dara. Moiraine shows Agelmar the Horn of Valere and requests an escort to Illian. (TEotW, Ch. 53)

The Great Hunt

Moraine is summoned to the Amyrlin Seat, Siuan Sanche by Anaiya and Liandrin. On the way to see the Amyrlin the two share news with her about more false dragons, Elayne and the call for The Great Hunt of the Horn of Valere. The Amyrlin tells Moiraine the Tower was informed by Elaida that Moiraine had someone in her company that was more dangerous than any man since Artur Hawkwing, referring to Rand. After sending everyone away Siuan embraces Moiraine as a friend. (TGH, Ch. 4)

Moiraine talks to Siuan about the Mat, Perrin and Rand being Ta'veren as well as Rand being The Dragon Reborn. She shows Siuan the broken seal. Moiraine also tells Siuan her plan to have the boys carry the Horn of Valere to Illian. (TGH, Ch. 5)

Moiraine rushes to the dungeon after the keep is attacked and finds Egwene and Mat unconscious. She heals Egwene and orders Liandrin to fetch the Amyrlin to heal Mat. (TGH, Ch. 6)

Moiraine helps to heal Mat. Moiraine, Verin, and Siuan then discuss the Trolloc script that was written on the wall in the dungeon. (TGH, Ch. 7)

Moiraine, Verin and Siuan tell Rand he is the Dragon Reborn and explain the story that started Moiraine and Siuan on their quest 20 years prior. (TGH, Ch. 8)

Moiraine introduces Nynaeve and Egwene to the Amyrlin. (TGH, Ch. 12)

Moraine shows up at Vandene and Adeleas' house to do some research. While there she is attacked by a Draghkar but is saved by Lan and Jaem. She also explains to Lan that if she were to die his bond would pass on to Myrelle. (TGH, Ch. 22)

Moiraine is in Falme where she meets back up with Rand and his group after the battle. She tells Rand she saw the battle in the sky, as did everyone in Falme. She also tells him she did not send Verin after him. Moiraine also shows two more broken seals to the Dark One's prison she found, making it a total of 3 broken seals. (TGH, Ch. 49)

The Dragon Reborn

In the Mountains of Mist Moiraine has a meeting with Leya, who showed up to share information with her. Rand and Moiraine get into an argument about what they need to do next. (TDR, Ch. 2)

Moiraine heals Leya whose scalp was split open when Rand had a bad interaction with Saidin. Moiraine then shares the info she learned from Leya with Perrin, Lan, and Min. (TDR, Ch. 3)

The camp is attacked by Trollocs and Moiraine uses Saidar to kill many of the trollocs. After the battle Moiraine heals many people and uses so much power she has to rely on her angreal. (TDR, Ch. 5)

Rand leaves in middle of the night. After questioning everyone Moiraine realizes he is heading for Tear. Moiraine sends Min to Tar Valon and gets ready to follow Rand. (TDR, Ch. 6)

Moiraine follows Rand and arrives in the town of Jarra. While in Jarra Moiraine tries to heal Noam who is a wolf brother but he has lost all memories of being a man. (TDR, Ch. 8) Moiraine tells Perrin the little she knows about wolf brothers. Warning him to be wary of dreams. (TDR, Ch. 9)

Still chasing after Rand, Moiraine explains that the oddities in the villages are being caused by Rand being ta'veren. She explains a little bit about what being a ta'veren does. They stop at the town of Remen where an Aiel is being held captive. (TDR, Ch. 33)

After Perrin frees the Aiel and gets himself into trouble they leave quietly and quickly boarding the Snow Goose, a ship, bound for Illian. (TDR, Ch. 35)

Moiraine's group arrive at Illian and it is decided that Faile will join them. (TDR, Ch. 41) They stay at Easing the Badger Inn where Moiraine is known under the alias Mari. During dinner Perrin is attacked by 6 grey men. Moiraine throws a fireballs at first but is unable to use Saidar after that as there were too many friends fighting. Moiraine leaves by herself, forcing Lan to stay behind. (TDR, Ch. 42) Moiraine returns to the inn and notifies them that Lord Brent is Sammael. They leave the city and are followed by Dark Hounds. Moiraine kills the Dark Hounds with Balefire. (TDR, Ch. 44)

Moiraine's group arrives in Tear. She learns that the High Lord Samon is Be'lal. (TDR, Ch. 50)

Faile finds a hedgehog that was a trap made of Spirit, that was intended for Moiraine and is trapped in the world of dreams. (TDR, Ch. 53)

Moiraine arrives at the scene where Rand is talking to Be'lal. She surprises Be'lal with some Balefire and kills him. She is then picked up and thrown against the wall with Saidin that is being wielded by Ishamael. (TDR, Ch. 55)

Moiraine discovers a seal for the Dark one's prison which is still intact. They all learn that the Aiel are the People of the Dragon. Moiraine receives a letter from Lanfear who lets them know that Lews Therin is hers. (TDR, Ch. 56)

The Shadow Rising

This section contains spoilers relating to The Shadow Rising. Please expand to view.

Moiraine heals Rand after the bubble of evil. (TSR, Ch. 3)

Moiraine talks to Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne about the Black Ajah stories and what Rand should do. Moiraine tells the girls about the ter'angreal doorway that will answer three of your questions. (TSR, Ch. 6)

The stone is attacked by Trollocs and Myrddraal. Moiraine is seen fighting off Trollocs with Lan. The Trollocs are on fire. After the battle Moiraine finds Rand trying to bring a girl back to life. She convinces him to stop. After, Rand tells Moiraine that Lanfear was there. Moiraine explains that Lanfear loved Lews Therin. (TSR, Ch. 9)

Moiraine discusses the fact that Joiya and Amico are now dead. Killed sometime during the battle. Moiraine passes on a message from the Wise Ones that Aviendha is to return to the Waste. (TSR, Ch. 12)

Moiraine encounters Mat and Rand after coming out of the doorway ter'ngreal. (TSR, Ch. 15)

Moiraine has a talk with Thom in which she reveals that she knows he was Morgases lover and skilled player of the Game of Houses. She convinces him to go with Elayne and Nynaeve in exchange for the name of the Red Sisters who had gentled Owyn. (TSR, Ch. 17)

Moiraine learns that Rand is going to Rhuidean. (TSR, Ch. 21)

Rand tells Moiriane he intends to get them to Rhuidean via a portal stone.(TSR, Ch. 22) They arrive via portal stone to find Aiel waiting for them. Moiraine then explains that in the letter she received from the Wise Ones she was told that they would be there that day. The Wise Ones explain a little bit about themselves and Moiraine learns that she must go into Rhuidean. (TSR, Ch. 23)

Moiraine comes out of Rhuidean completely exhausted. (TSR, Ch. 34)

Moiraine and her group are attacked at Imre Stand by Trollocs. They attack the Wise Ones group to keep Moiraine away from helping Rand. Moiraine fights off the Trollocs and helps the Wise Ones heal everyone. (TSR, Ch. 37)

On their way to Cold Rocks Hold Moiraine tries to get Rand to tell her his plans and fails. (TSR, Ch. 48)

Moiraine and her group arrive at Cold Rocks Hold. They discuss how many Aiel will follow. Moiraine asks Rand where he intends to lead the Aiel to battle at, but he walks off without answering. (TSR, Ch. 49)

Rand is attacked by Draghkar and the camp by Trollocs. After the battle Moiraine tell Rand the attack was aimed at him and she asks him for his confidence. Rand tells her if she swears not to hinder him he will tell her but she refuses to let him put his head on a chopping block. (TSR, Ch. 50)

The Fires of Heaven

This section contains spoilers relating to The Fires of Heaven. Please expand to view.

Moiraine supervises the loading of the artifacts from Rhuidean which include angreal, ter'angreal, and sa'angreal that are to be sent to The White Tower. Moiraine shows Rand the seal to the Dark Ones prison that she found and demonstrates how weak it is by scraping off a chip with her knife. (TFoH, Ch. 2)

Moiraine argues with the Wise Ones about taking the Aiel over the Dragonwall. She says it will turn the people against Rand, but the Wise Ones argue that he has the Aiel nation's support and that they will not listen to Moiraine on this one. (TFoH, Ch. 5)

Darkhounds attack Rand and Mat. Mat is saved by Rand balefiring the Darkhounds that had slobbered all over Mat's arm. By balefiring the dog Rand had erased its action including most of the slobbering it did on Mat. Moiraine heals Mat from the poison that was caused by the one drop of saliva that had reached Mat's arm. Moiraine explains balefire to Rand and why he should not use it. (TFoH, Ch. 6)

Moiraine looks upon the wagons loaded with the goods from Rhuidean and thinks about what she can remember of what she saw in the rings. She also thinks about Lan and his love for Nynaeve. (TFoH, Ch. 7)

Moiraine eavesdrops on Rand and Natael but is interrupted by Egwene who informs her that Elaida is now Amyrlin and that there is a warrant out for Moiraine's arrest. Moiraine explains that she and Siuan always knew there were risks involved. After Egwene asks why Moiraine has started taking orders from Rand, she replies that she remembered how to control Saidar, which is to surrender to it. (TFoH, Ch. 15)

After being attacked by Draghkar and Trollocs who were shouting out Sammael's name, Moiraine checks on Rand to make sure he is alright. (TFoH, Ch. 22)

Moiraine tries to educate Rand on many things before they get to Cairhien, but he refuses to listen. She even resorts to begging which doesn't work. (TFoH, Ch. 30)

As Rand gets ready to battle the Shaido, Moiraine questions him on why he is wearing a sword. (TFoH, Ch. 41) Moiraine also makes sure there is a large Aiel guard around Kadere's wagons which hold the ter'angreal, angreal and sa'angreal from Rhuidean. (TFoH, Ch. 42) Moiraine spends the battle healing the wounded. She used the last of her strength to heal Rand before having to be carried to her tent by Lan. (TFoH, Ch. 44)

While Rand heads into Cairhien, Moiraine makes sure that everything is ok with Kadere's wagons. (TFoH, Ch. 46)

Moiraine brings letters to Rand from Elaida the new Amyrlin and Alviarin the new Keeper. Moiraine talks to Mat about his new group of soldiers- The Band of the Red Hand - and the success they have had. Afterwards Mat tells the group that Morgase is dead, killed by Gaebril who has been named King. Rand tells them that Gaebril is Rahvin and that he will kill him but Moiraine convinces him to wait until the next day. (TFoH, Ch. 51)

Before they set off to kill Rahvin, Moiraine hands Rand letters one addressed to him and one adressed to Thom. She tells him to read it when he has time to think and to make sure Thom got his. She then leads them down to the docks. At the docks Lanfear shows up angry, because Rand has slept with another woman. Moiraine rushes at Lanfear but is thrown to the side. Rand battles with Lanfear, but Lanfear clearly has the upper hand when, Moiraine all of a sudden comes from the side, jumps at Lanfear and carries her through the twisted red doorway ter'angreal. (TFoH, Ch. 52)

Lord of Chaos

This section contains spoilers relating to Lord of Chaos. Please expand to view.

There is no relevant reference to Moiraine in this book.

A Crown of Swords

This section contains spoilers relating to A Crown of Swords. Please expand to view.

There is no relevant reference to Moiraine in this book.

The Path of Daggers

This section contains spoilers relating to The Path of Daggers. Please expand to view.

There is no relevant reference to Moiraine in this book.

Winter's Heart

This section contains spoilers relating to Winter's Heart. Please expand to view.

There is no relevant reference to Moiraine in this book.

Crossroads of Twilight

This section contains spoilers relating to Crossroads of Twilight. Please expand to view.

There is no relevant reference to Moiraine in this book.

Knife of Dreams

This section contains spoilers relating to Knife of Dreams. Please expand to view.

There is no relevant reference to Moiraine in this book.

The Gathering Storm

This section contains spoilers relating to The Gathering Storm. Please expand to view.

There is no relevant reference to Moiraine in this book.

Towers of Midnight

This section contains spoilers relating to Towers of Midnight. Please expand to view.

Mat, Thom, and Noal find Moiraine in the Chamber of Bonds inside the Tower of Ghenjei. She is floating in the center of the room in white mist. The only thing she is wearing is an angreal. Mat negotiates with the Aelfinn for her return offering up his eye to save the world. (ToM, Ch. 54) Thom takes Moiraine's unconscious body and carries her out of the Tower as they try to escape from the Aelfinn. Unfortunately they run into the Eelfinn and Noal sacrifices his life to give Thom and Mat time to escape with Moiraine who is still unconscious. Moiraine stirs and greets Thom and Mat but Mat is still trying to find a way out. Mat thinks about a way to get out and realizes his ashandarei is the key. He cuts a doorway with his ashandarei and they step out. (ToM, Ch. 55)

As Mat, Thom, and Moiraine sit outside the Tower of Ghenjei Moiraine asks them who the third person one that came to rescue her. They tell her he was a great man and a friend. They walk a little way away from the Tower. Moiraine starts a fire and tells them that its all she can manage now without help. Thom asks her what she means and she explains that the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn fed on her power as well as her emotions, draining her ability to channel. She also says that they told her they killed Lanfear draining her, but she thought that might have been a lie to frighten her. Her reasoning being that a man came into the Tower one day and when he saw Moiraine he said she was not the one he was looking for. Moiraine asks for the angreal that had been on her. She explained that it was one of the three things she asked for and they had left it on her to draw more power from her. She uses it to heal Mat's pain. Mat asks her what else she asked for but she tells him that it's a secret for now. Moiraine brings up Rand and Mat tells her he has everyone pointed towards the Last Battle and has managed to cleanse saidin. Moirine quotes a prophecy that that fulfills. Mat informs her that Rand killed Rahvin and that Elayne is now queen. Then Thom slips in that Mat married the Empress of the Seanchan. Moiraine says that she needs to find Rand but Mat says he must return to Caemlyn. Moiraine then surprisingly tells Thom she will marry him if he wants and he says he will. Moiraine mentions that her current level of power without help is so low she would not be strong enough to be raised Accepted. Thom asks Moiraine if she wants him to be her Warder and she says yes, telling Mat that the benefits of the Warder bond are beneficial for the days coming. (ToM, Ch. 57)

A Memory of Light

This section contains spoilers relating to A Memory of Light. Please expand to view.

After leaving the Tower of Ghenjei, Moiraine and Thom travel to the Field of Merrilor, where they find Rand’s meeting with the other rulers in full swing. Moiraine enters the tent, interrupting an intense argument between Rand and Egwene (AMoL, Ch. 5; AMoL, Ch. 6). Rand is shocked to see her, touching her face and then kneeling in front of her. After many of the others have joyfully greeted her as well—including Nynaeve, who hugs her, and Egwene, who welcomes her back to the White Tower—Moiraine proceeds to settle the disputes over Rand’s requirements for the Last Battle. She quotes several pieces of the Karaetheon Cycle, reminding those who oppose Rand that much of what he is requesting of them is actually written in prophecy. However, she manages to find compromises that at least partially satisfy everyone (AMoL, Ch. 6).

When Rand visits the Borderlander armies at Tarwin’s Gap, Moiraine accompanies him (AMoL, Ch. 11). She doesn’t think he should be risking himself and is impatient for him to go to Shayol Ghul, thinking that he is delaying too much (AMoL, Ch. 11; AMoL, Ch. 18). Moiraine also warns Rand that he shouldn’t go to the Black Tower as it is a trap, and here Rand heeds her warnings (AMoL, Ch. 18).

Rand has been giving gifts to those he cares about before he goes to fight the Dark One; he gives Moiraine a Tar Valon mark in replacement of the one she gave him so long ago in Emond’s Field (AMoL, Ch. 11).

When Rand goes to the Bight to test if the artham will truly keep the Dark One from sensing him, Moiraine is one of those who accompany him (AMoL, Ch. 13).

Rand tells Moiraine that he plans to kill the Dark One instead of just sealing him away again. Moiraine doesn’t think it is possible and thinks Rand is foolish and too proud for thinking he can do it (AMoL, Ch. 16).

Moiraine joins Rand on one more scouting trip to the Blight (AMoL, Ch. 20). The next day, they move on Shayol Ghul. While Ituralde and his forces begin their battle in the valley, Moiraine and Nynaeve accompany Rand to the Pit of Doom while Thom stays outside the cavern to guard it. As Rand, Moiraine, and Nynaeve make their way into the cavern, they link, with Rand leading the circle. Moiraine gasps when they hear the voice telling Rand “IT IS TIME. LET THE TASK BE UNDERTAKEN” (AMoL, Ch. 24).

While Rand fights Moridin, the Pit of Doom is buffeted by a strong wind that tries to draw Moiraine and Nyaneve towards the blackness that is the Dark One’s essence. Moiraine and Nynaeve cling to the surrounding stalagmites. Moiraine manages to keep her eyes open, watching the fight the entire time “as if determined not to look away, no matter the price” (AMoL, Ch. 30). When Rand tricks Moridin into channeling through Callandor, Rand yells for Moiraine and Nynaeve to use Callandor’s flaw to seize control of Moridin. Moiraine and Nynaeve then link with Rand, passing control to him so that he is able to use saidar, saidin, and the True Power at once to create a new prison for the Dark One (AMoL, Ch. 47). When light explodes from Rand following his sealing away of the Dark One, Moiraine and Nynaeve manage to escape from the Pit of Doom, where they are reunited with Thom. As Moiraine looks back into the cavern despite the blinding light, she can see Rand and Moridin still within the mountain (AMoL, Ch. 49).

While Rand’s unconscious body lies dying in the camp at Shayol Ghul after the Last Battle, Moiraine tells him that he did well. She attends the funeral held for him (AMoL, Epilogue).

Strength and Talents

Moiraine is strong in the One Power. At one point, Verin is found to be thinking that only Elaida, Moiraine, Siuan, and a few others, possibly Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne, are strong enough to handle the female Choedan Kal (TGH, Ch. 31).

This section contains spoilers relating to the whole series. Please expand to view.

While captive in the land of the Eelfinn however, her strength in the One Power is drained. By the time she is rescued, her channeling strength is much diminished, to the point that she would not have been able to become an Accepted of the White Tower (ToM, Ch. 57). 

Moiraine knows how to weave Illusion (TEotW, Ch. 17) and she also knows how to weave invisibility. It is suspected that she also knows Unweaving. (TEotW, Ch. 49) On top of these, Moiraine also knows how to weave Balefire (TDR, Ch. 44).

Moiraine is exceptionally good at Healing (TDR, Ch. 3).

Relationships with Other Characters

Moiraine's closest friend is Siuan Sanche. Her Warder is Lan Mandragoran. She is very close to him, as well (TEotW, Ch. 2).

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Siuan and Moiraine trust each other implicitly; Siuan includes Moiraine in the small group of people that she can trust, (TDR, Ch. 14) and also thinks that Rand is safe in her hands. (TDR, Ch. 12) Moiraine is also close friends with Anaiya (TFoH, Ch. 27).

Moiraine arranges to have Lan's bond passed to Myrelle Berengari in the event of her own death (TGH, Ch. 2). When Moiraine falls through the doorframe ter'angreal, Lan feels his bond pass to Myrelle and assumes Moiraine has died (TFoH, Ch. 53). However, when Lan and Moiraine are reunited after Moiraine's return, Rand senses that there is now "a distance between them" (AMoL, Ch. 11).

Thom Merrilin thinks that Moiraine is a fine woman, other than the fact that she is Aes Sedai (TDR, Ch. 31). Over the course of their time travelling together, they fell in love. After Thom, Mat, and Noal rescue Moiraine, Thom and Moiraine agree to get married and Moiraine bonds Thom as her Warder (ToM, Ch. 57).

However, Moiraine is not in everyone's good books. At first, the sole reason that Nynaeve wishes to become Aes Sedai is so that she can avenge herself with Moiraine (TGH, Ch. 23). However, following Moiraine's return after her supposed death through the doorframe ter'angreal, Nynaeve welcomes Moiraine back and even hugs her in greeting (AMoL, Ch. 6). Others note that something is now different between Moiraine and Nynaeve (AMoL, Ch. 13).

For most of the series, Rand and Moiraine have a difficult relationship. At first, he respects her a great deal, but he grows less and less trustworthy of Aes Sedai. Following her supposed death, he is consumed with guilt for not being able to protect her. When she returns, he is stunned and grateful (AMoL, Ch. 6) and says that he owes Moiraine a debt (AMoL, Ch. 16). He trusts her to be the second woman, along with Nynaeve, to accompany him to Shayol Ghul to battle the Dark One (AMoL, Ch. 24).

Visions and Prohecies

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  • In some parts of the world, Moiraine goes by the name of Lady Alys. (NS; TEotW, Ch. 13) In Illian, she goes by the name of Mistress Mari (TDR, Ch. 42).
  • Anasai of Ryddingwood is one of Moiraine’s favourite authors (AMoL, Ch. 7).


Quotes by Moiraine

"The Dark One is after you three, one or all, and if I let you go running off wherever you want to go, he will take you. Whatever the Dark One wants, I oppose, so hear this and know it true. Before I let the Dark One have you, I will destroy you myself." (The Eye of the World, Chapter 13)

"If you watch the wolf too hard, a mouse will bite you on the ankle." (The Eye of the World, Chapter 21)

"When you are weak, the best choice is often to hide." (The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 3)

"You want me to share a lifetime of knowledge with you in a single afternoon? Or even a single year? I will tell you this. Be wary of dreams, Perrin Aybara. Be very wary of dreams. (The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 6)

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"Death cannot be healed, Rand. You are not the Creator." (The Shadow Rising, Chapter 10)

"I have given my life to finding the Dragon Reborn, finding Rand, and seeing him ready to face the Last Battle. I will see that done, whatever it requires. Nothing and no one can be more important than that." (The Shadow Rising, Chapter 35)

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"I will not be with you forever, I might die in the next attack. I could fall from my horse and break my neck, or take a Darkfriend's arrow through my heart, and death cannot be Healed. I have given my entire life to the search for you, to find you and help you. You still do not know your own strength; you cannot know half of what you do. I – apologize – most humbly for any offense I have given you. Let me help you as much as I can, while I can. Please." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 6)

"There is a saying in Cairhien, though I have heard it as far away as Tarabon and Saldaea. 'Take what you want and pay for it.' Siuan and I took the path we wanted, and we knew we would have to pay for it eventually." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 15)

"I mean to deal with the world, for as long as I can." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 15)

Quotes about Moiraine