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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Morin was a Jenn Aiel during the Breaking of the World and the first Maiden of the Spear. She was also a Dreamer and one of Rand's ancestors. Her daughter was Kirin. She was a pretty yellow-haired woman.

She had Dreamed she would bear a child to Jeordam.

Her daughter Kirin was abducted by the villagers they had traded goods with earlier. Her husband cares more for the three progenies of the chora trees than for his daughter. Jeordam takes her and four other Jenn to his father Lewin. He allowed them to stay with his Aiel if they were willing to defend themselves and his people. She takes up the spear to free her daughter, and thus helped to create the warrior society Far Dareis Mai of today.

(References: Robert Jordan's World of "The Wheel of Time"; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 25)