Paitar Neramovni Nachiman

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Atarah al'Norahn


Paitar Nachiman is the King of Arafel. He is married to a woman named Menuki, and is the brother of Kiruna Nachiman, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah (The Path of Daggers, Prologue).

When Ethenielle was a girl, Paitar was stunningly handsome (The Path of Daggers, Prologue). Supposedly, he was once the most beautiful man in the Borderlands (Winter's Heart, Chapter 27). He has a long face and broad shoulders. Now, his face bears many creases, and what little is left of his hair is gray and cut short, not worn in braids like most Arafellin's. He has a deep, rich voice that makes women's hearts beat faster (The Path of Daggers, Prologue).


  • Paitar meets with the other Borderland rulers in the Black Hills (The Path of Daggers, Prologue).
  • Paitar and the other Borderland rulers arrive in Braem Wood (Winter's Heart, Chapter 9).
  • Elayne Trakand meets with the Borderland rulers (Winter's Heart, Chapter 27).


Paitar has a good relationship with the other Borderland rulers, and they all trust each other. Paitar's favorite granddaughter is married to one of Ethenielle's sons (The Path of Daggers, Prologue).

Paitar loves his wife very much. Ethenielle thinks to herself that Menuki owns him to his bootsoles, and likely has never had cause for a jealous moment in her life (The Path of Daggers, Prologue).

Paitar has an Aes Sedai advisor named Coladara (The Path of Daggers, Prologue).

Because of his sister Kiruna, Paitar is fond of the White Tower (The Path of Daggers, Prologue).


  • He also brought his Aes Sedai advisor, Coladara, and seven other Aes Sedai who were visiting her (The Path of Daggers, Prologue).


"You hardly expected me to leave Coladara behind, Ethenielle, even if I could have kept the preparations from her." (Paitar to Ethenielle about his Aes Sedai advisor; The Path of Daggers, Prologue).

"The dice are out of the cup." (Paitar to Ethenielle; The Path of Daggers, Prologue).

"Rather than sitting, he stood, occasionally sipping at his wine. Elayne was glad she could see the wrinkles on his face. That voice could confuse a woman's thoughts, otherwise." (Elayne about Paitar; Winter's Heart, Chapter 27).

"The Tower calls anathema on anyone who approaches the Dragon Reborn save through the offices of the Tower. You are As Sedai. Surely that counts as the same thing." (Paitar to Elayne; Winter's Heart, Chapter 27).

"You want us to enter Andor? Elayne Sedai - or should I call you Lady Elayne, now? - I wish you the Light's blessing in your quest for Andor's crown, but not enough to offer my men to fight for it." (Paitar to Elayne; Winter's Heart, Chapter 27).