Polov Heights

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Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from A Memory of Light, Chapter 36, Map.

The Polov Heights is forty foot tall plateau in Arafel within the Field of Merrilor, with a steep slope on the east and more gradual slopes on the other sides about three miles long by one and a half miles wide. Immediately to the west lies the river Mora and half a mile to the south are bogs. During the Battle of Merrilor it was a strategically important area, initially held by the forces of the Light and given up to Demandred and the forces of the Shadow when they arrived through a gateway. Several important events of the battle took place on the Heights, such as Demandred and Lan's fight and Taim and Egwene's battle, which ended in the death of both of them (AMoL, Ch. 37).