Recipe: Classic beef stew and classic chicken soup

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Author: Raevyn Tsornin, October 2017

2017-10 Classic Recipe.jpg

With autumn on the horizon, for our Classic Tar Valon Times I choose to try a beef stew and a chicken soup. Both are a bit time consuming and the use of a crock pot greatly reduces time in the kitchen.

For the Beef Stew I used this recipe: [1]

It makes a huge pot of beef stew, enough for two full meals with a 4 adult person household as it uses 4 lbs of beef. It also uses 4 cups of red wine!

The recipe calls for letting the stew simmer for an hour which is a standard length of time. Using the crock pot, however, I was able let it simmer for four hours which made the beef chunks melt in the mouth.

We did find the wine to be too strong. In the future, we will reduce the amount of wine and use more beef stock. This recipe also called for plain water which left it a little less flavorful so we added a tablespoon of powdered beef stock. (Just remember adding beef stock will add sodium unless you specifically choose a low sodium version.) We will also add potatoes to increase the heartiness and because we love potatoes!

For the Chicken Soup, I used: [2]

This recipe is more time consuming as you cook the whole chicken with chunked vegetable to make your stock, then remove the meat and continue to simmer the carcass, then refrigerate it overnight so you can skim off the fat the next day.

I did not find parsnip in my grocery store so we eliminated that ingredient. I also eliminated the noodles to keep it gluten free but we later added cooked rice. I did use fresh parsley in each recipe - bundled and tied with string to make it easy to find and remove before eating. This recipe also lacked a little flavor so we added a tablespoon of powdered chicken stock. You could use canned chicken stock to boost flavor. With this recipe I did use a huge stock pot and stay in the kitchen with it. We did strain it through cheesecloth (kind of a pain really). You can save time with this by purchasing and using a whole roasted chicken from the grocery store.

Overall both recipes are ones I would use again and we have figured out how to modify them to meet our taste.