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Salidar was a town on the Altaran side of the Altara-Amadicia border. It was one mile east of the River Eldar and Amadicia and fifteen days ride south west of Lugard. Salidar was the birthplace of Deane Aryman, who was Amyrlin Seat from roughly FY 992 to FY 1084. Salidar was abandoned during the Whitecloak War but was reoccupied after the Tower coup. It then became the headquarters for the Salidar Aes Sedai. The Aes Sedai chose to regroup there because they believed that it would be the last place that people would look for them. Salidar was once again abandoned after the rebel sisters decided to lay siege to Tar Valon itself.

Salidar was a small town surrounded by a forest and filled with stone houses built on low hills. There were three large buildings in Salidar, all previously inns; one of these buildings was converted into the Little Tower, the Hall of Sitters for the Tower in exile. Sisters, Accepted, novices and servants were crammed into the other houses in the town. In such a small town, conditions could not help but be cramped. Accepted, novices and servants had to share rooms while sisters had their own bedroom, however small. Each Ajah was given a house where its sisters could meet but in general sisters were placed into houses in the order of their arrival. Soldiers had to sleep out in the open and lived in camps mainly to the north of Salidar.