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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn



Seanchan is the name of the continent west of the Aryth Ocean. It is also the name of both the people and the empire occupying it.

For about a thousand years the people of the Westlands did not know about the Seanchan, until they recently began invading the continent. They are currently holding Altara, Amadicia and Tarabon, but are faced with resistance from outside.


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Bordered by the Aryth Ocean to the east and the Morenal Ocean to the west, the continent's greatest breadth is estimated to be fifteen hundred miles across on the southern hemisphere. The distance between Mountains of Dhoom in the north and the southernmost point is approximately four thousand miles.

The continent is criss-crossed by mountain ranges and rivers and has four major islands in the south, east and west as well as three more in the dividing channel.

The Seanchan Empire

Main article: Seanchan (Nation)

The Seanchan Empire occupies the continent of Seanchan and the islands around it. It is ruled by an Empress, who is a descendant of Luthair Paendrag. The society is highly rigid and though the armies of Luthair eventually conquered the land, it can also be considered that the land conquered them as they adopted the customs and practices of Seanchan instead of retaining their own.


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