Seanchan (Continent)

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The Seanchan continent is one of the major land masses, along with the Land of Madmen and the Main continent. It is bordered by the Aryth Ocean to the east and the Morenal Ocean to the west and is around fifteen hundred leagues at its widest and four thousand leagues from north to south. It is as large as the westlands, the Waste and Shara combined. To the north, is a mountain range known as the Mountains of Dhoom, after the mountains of the same name in the main continent. The Seanchan Blight lays north of this, showing the same corruption of the main one, but less virulent and lacking Myrddraal and Trollocs, though some Shadowspawn such as Draghkar remain. for this reason, it was named the Lesser blight by Luthair Paendrag's armies. The continent crosses the equator and has seven significant islands.