Seanchan Prophecies

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Author: Arythan Nieninqe

Submitted for raising to Soldier.

We know a little about the Seanchan Prophecies, but this piece of information make these prophecies very interesting. All the cultures and nations we have known in the WoT world have got prophecies that try to guide to their role at the Dragon Rebirth. Aiel have got the Prophecy of Rhuidean, Sea Folks about the Coramoor, there is also the Dark prophecy, and the Karaethon Cycle in the Wetlands... each one with particularities, with a concrete vision about what they have to do in the Last Battle... But Seanchan prophecies have got some specific features that differ from the others.

Whereas other prophecies help to convince that it is the time (see the Tear Fortress, Aiel...) to save the World and point to the need of joining to the Dragon Reborn at Tarmon Gai'don, the Seanchan prophecies ensure that "He (the Dragon) must kneel before the Crystal Throne before Tarmon Gai'don or all is lost." So, instead of a Car'a'carn (the Chief of Chiefs) for the Aiel, or a Coramoor for the Sea Folks, they think that the Dragon must serve under the Empress, he would be a weapon in her hands. Thus, the seanchan must reconquer the lands formerly belonging to Artur Hawking before the Tarmon Gai'don so "the Dragon Reborn could win the Last Battle for the glory of the Empress." Another difference is that the knowledge of the Prophecies is exclusive for members of the Blood. People from the other nations know the Prophecies of the Dragon, either less or more refined versions.

The Seanchan Prophecies have got a mixed origin because their own Empire has got a mixed origin (the Hawking's Armies don't want to (or cannot) impose their culture and the Consolidation is more an adaptation than a conquest). So, although "the Prophecies of the Dragon had been known in Seanchan even before Luthair Paendrag began the Consolidation. In corrupted form, it was said, much different from the pure version Luthair Paendrag brought", it's easy to think that current prophecies are a mixture of Cycle Karaethon and the ancient Seanchan prophecies.

However, this combination doesn't explain the great differences with the other prophecies. It's possible (even probable) that the extreme hierarchical system of Seanchan favoured the adaptation to the Blood's interests, manipulating the true prophecies. But is this adulteration the unique cause of the change with the proper one?

"I whispered again, and the High King sent his armies across the Aryth Ocean, across the World Sea, and sealed two dooms. The doom of his dream of one land and one people, and a doom yet to come"

Ishamael's words have got a clear meaning. He is the responsible for the Seanchan conquest, for the two-worlds division, and for the Return ("a doom yet to come"). The division is in his interests because that is a weaker position than a united world in the Tarmon Gai'don. He would cause the Return as a weapon against the Dragon. Maybe the prophecies were the target of his actions too, so as to force the Seanchan to fight with the Dragon Reborn for making him an Empress' servant.