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This is Fern's sandbox for Kitan's wiki editing class.

Once upon a time in a tower far,far away. There wandered a woman in white.

The Last Assignment

Where in we describe and format all of the things.

Pretty Text

The sway of the letters can be as soothing as the oceans pull.
Though in context to this,can seem fierce and unforgiving.
But this is like a storm of new streams hitting the ocean.

The Number Games

  1. Where lists made with numbers live.
  2. They march along in line.
  3. Counting themselves out,over
  4. And over,running out of time.
Dodging the Bullets
  • Moving from side to side,
  • Ducking from the points.
  • bulleted lists are in
  • your face,better take note!
Indentations make you read in motion
It's always a nice feeling,
having people think that you feel
things much deeper than you're allowed to say,
but this isn't true.
If you want to find out what a writer or a
cartoonist really feels, look at his work.
That's enough. -Shel Silverstein