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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Tamela is an Aiel Wise One. She is stronger in the One Power than Elayne, stronger than any sister Elayne knows except for Nynaeve.

She is bony and has an angular face. Elayne thinks to herself that "strong" is the best anyone could say of her face. She does not look more than a half-dozen years older than Elayne or Aviendha.

Tamela always sneers and looks down her nose when she sees Elayne.

Tamela stands for Aviendha's mother during Aviendha and Elayne's first-sister ceremony.

(Reference: Winter's Heart, Prologue)


"Ji'e'toh binds you like bands of steel. For ji, you make yourself exactly what is expected of you, to the last hair. For toh, if necessary you will abase yourself and crawl on your belly. Because you care to your bones what everyone thinks of you." (Tamela to Aviendha; Winter's Heart, Prologue)

"'You think men do not stare at your face in approval?' There was an edge in the Wise One's voice; strong was the best anyone would ever say of her face. 'Do they not look at your breasts in the sweat tent? Admire your hips? You are beautiful, and you know it. Deny it, and deny yourself! You have taken pleasure in men's looks, and smiled at them. Will you never smile at a man to give your arguments more weight, or touch his arm to distract him from the weakness of your arguments? You will, and you will be no less for it.'" (Tamela to Aviendha; Winter's Heart, Prologue)

"'Your arms will grow weak,' Tamela was telling Aviendha. 'Your legs will lose their swiftness. A youth will be able to take the knife from your hand. How will skill or ferocity avail you then? Heart and mind are the true weapons. But did you learn to use the spear in a day, when you were a Maiden? If you do not hone mind and heart now, you will grow old and children will befuddle your wits. Clan chiefs will sit you in a corner to play cat's cradle, and when you speak, all will hear only the wind. Take heed while you can.'" (Tamela to Aviendha; Winter's Heart, Prologue)