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Author: Elyss Koh'inor, March 2017

Welcome to The Tar Valon Times Mad Libs! This month’s Mad Libs just includes a list of required words, which will be included in a story in the March Tar Valon Times.


There are just a few ground rules to lay out before we begin.

  1. A person can only submit ONE word in ONE comment. A person can submit multiple comments, but no double commenting is allowed. Example: Timmy can submit one word in his first comment. Then Susy submits a word in her comment. Timmy can then comment again with the next word. And so on.
  2. Word submissions are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Example: If the first required word in an adjective, then the first commenter must submit an adjective.
  3. Please BOLD word submissions. This makes it much easier for staff members when putting together the final product.
  4. Please be respectful of other members, submissions, etc.
  5. Have fun, and be a little silly! Mad Libs are meant to make people laugh!

The Lost Aes Sedai – Word List

  1. Name 1
  2. Adjective
  3. Verb (ending in –ed)
  4. Verb (ending in –ed)
  5. Verb
  6. Noun
  7. Verb (ending in –ing)
  8. Food
  9. Number
  10. Plural Noun
  11. Adjective
  12. Name 2
  13. Color
  14. Verb
  15. Adverb
  16. Verb (ending in –ed)
  17. Adjective
  18. Plural Noun
  19. Plural Noun
  20. Adjective
  21. Plural Noun
  22. Verb (ending in –ed)
  23. Adverb
  24. Noun
  25. Fruit


Polegnyn Nemeara - 1. Jimbob BillyJohn
Elania al'Manir - 2. fluffy
Maibella Rhoiden - 3. stabbing
Raevyn Tsornin - hugged
Polegnyn Nemeara - 5. mount
Fern Al'Thorn - 6. tree
Marivea al'Corriyi - 7. flailing
Alyccea Nymaessene - 8. bacon
Maibella Rhoiden - 9. 74
Relinya Ryviarra - 10. Tigers
Taelinn Dolivras - 11. Saucy
Wil Cambrae - 12. Atticus O'Sullivan
Martinis Clarkey - 13 Green
Stephen Lightheart - 14. Dancing
Polegnyn Nemeara - 15. splendidly
Marivea al'Corriyi - 16. Trotted
Taelinn Dolivras - 17. Slick


Here are the results of last month's Tar Valon Times Mad Libs! The words which our members provided are bolded. Unfortunately, by the end of the month, we did not have enough word suggestions to fill in the entire mad libs. As a result, my brother oblidgingly supplied the final eight words. Enjoy!

Jimbob BillyJohn Sedai woke up to a fluffy morning. They stabbed out of bed and hugged to mount their tree. As they were flailing their bacon, Seventy-four more Aes Sedai entered the breakfast hall. All of them were carrying tigers.

“What’s going on?” the Jimbob BillyJohn Sedai asked in a saucy voice.

Atticus O’Sullivan Sedai of the Green Ajah is missing.” One of the Aes Sedai explained. “We’re trying to dance with her.”

Jimbob BillyJohn stood splendidly, ready to help.

The group trotted the likeable rooms of the Tower, searching for the lost Aes Sedai. They found cats, dogs, and nerdy Stormtroopers. They searched high and low, but no sign of the Aes Sedai.

Then they went to the kitchens. When the group burned the corner, Atticus O’Sullivan Sedai was sitting quickly near a gem, eating a pomegranate pie!