The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 14

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Author: Val a'Shain

The Bite of Thorns

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Point of View: Egwene

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Egwene, Nynaeve, Siuan.



Suian tells Egwene and Nynaeve that she wants them to hunt the Black Ajah


After Elayne and Leane leave, the Amyrlin tells about her efforts to keep the connection between the murders and the Black Ajah secret. Nynaeve wants to know if there will be additional punishment. The Amyrlin tells them some would look at it that way. She wants them to find out if any of the Black Ajah stayed behind in the Tower.

Nynaeve and Egwene protest that they are no match for fully trained Aes Sedai and that they have no time left between their studies and punishment but the Amyrlin simply tells them to find time. Egwene wants to know why Elayne is not part of it. Siuan replies that she doesn't want to endanger the relations with Caemlyn any further. After a short discussion between Egwene and Nynaeve both decide to accept. Verin is to see to it that they get the information on the Black Ajah and the ter'angreal they took.

Egwene wants to know how they can work within the limitations of an Accepted. Siuan tells them they should find a way. But she does give them a letter signed by the Amyrlin saying the bearer should be obeyed like she is the Amyrlin herself. The letter is for emergencies only. Egwene brings up Mat before the conversation is over. The Amyrlin says she'll send word to them and sends them off.


Visions and Prophecies

Egwene' Dreams
  • At least she was sure the Amyrlin did not know that she had dreamed of him (Rand) last night, running from Moiraine.

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