The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 33

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Author: Estyrien al'Halien

Wheel and Serpent Chapter Icon.png

Within the Weave

Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Remen, Altara

Characters: Perrin, Moiraine, Lan, Loial, villagers, Gaul, Gainor Furlan, Lord Orban, Lord Gann, Faile


Perrin encounters an Aielman in a cage and a young woman who finds him interesting.


Perrin, Moiraine and Loial are riding towards Remen with Lan scouting ahead. Perrin notices a dog's footprint on a stone and the smell of sulphur in the air and thinks "some children had sneaked out here with some of the Illuminator's handiwork". Perrin has had troubled dreams since Hopper attacked him but has succeeded "in keeping live wolves out of his head".

The group has been riding hard since leaving Jarra and have passed through many villages, most bearing signs of Rand's ta'veren influence. Sidon was burnt to the ground when "a lantern dropped in a barn" while the spring in Willar had begun flowing again bringing water to the village. In Samaha all the wells went dry overnight and resentments in Tallan "bubbled to the surface like overflowing cesspits... and it had taken three murders to shock everyone back to his senses". Crops had failed in Fyall but the Mayor found sacks of gold buried in his garden so nobody would go hungry. Perrin is upset that bad things have happened around Rand but Moiraine explains that "good and ill are the warp and the woof" of the Age Lace and that there must be a balance between the two.

Lan leads the group into Remen and tells them that the village has "had an eventful day or two". As they ride to the inn they notice that there is a cage holding an Aiel man in the town square. Children are "pitching stones at him" and the group are disgusted that the adults are doing nothing to stop them. They arrive at the Wayland's Forge and are greeted by Gainor Furlan the innkeeper. Furlan is surprised to see an Ogier and a lady travelling together.

Furlan explains the interesting events in the town that Lan had mentioned. Lords Orban and Gann, Hunters of the Horn, and their retainers fought twenty Aielmen. Six of the retainers were killed and the rest injured while the Aiel were killed or fled save the one that was captured. Lan does not appear to believe the story, "twelve of you fought twenty Aiel?", probably because Aiel are such good fighters. Perrin is reminded of Min's viewing, "An Aielman in a cage. A turning point in your life". Lord Orban mentions that there are Whitecloaks in the village and Perrin is immediately on his guard. Furlan shows them to their rooms and Perrin sees a young woman staring at him.


Character Development

  • He is keeping the wolves out
  • He has been having more dreams
Ta'veren Effects
  • Sidon has burnt down
Fulfiled Prophecies
  • An Aiel in a cage

This was one of Min's viewings of Perrin.


First Appearance

Gaul, Gainor Furlan, Lord Orban, Faile

First Mention

Lord Gann, Mother Leich


First Mention

Lugard Road, Remen, River Boern, Sidon, Willar, Samaha, Tallan, Fyall

First View

Remen, 'Wayland's Forge'

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