The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 8

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Author: Val a'Shain

Wolf Chapter Icon.png


Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Jarra

Characters: Perrin, Moiraine, Lan, Loial, Simion, Master Harod, Noam


The group meet a man, Noam, who succumbed to the wolf within.


The party enters the town of Jarra. It looks like there has been some kind of celebration shortly before they arrived. Moiraine leads them to the nearest inn where a man named Simion tells them they had a bunch of weddings the previous day. Enough for a lifetime. Perrin is about to ask Simion if he's seen Rand but Moiraine cuts him off and asks to be taken to the innkeeper.

The innkeeper, Master Harod, tells Simion to take them to his best rooms. He also indicates there has been some trouble with Whitecloaks. Moiraine asks Simion about this when they arrive at her room. Simion tells about how a group of Whitecloaks behaved very oddly not a day ago. The chain of command broke down and some actually ran off while others demanded to burn the town.

When Simion takes Perrin to his room he asks about Rand. Rand has passed through the village and even spent half of the night at the inn before he went off into the night like the Dark One was on his heels. Simion thinks Rand was mad. Perrin tells him they mean to find him and help him. This confirms Simion's belief Moiraine is Aes Sedai. He's seen Aes Sedai before. He asks Perrin if she would try to help his brother. Perrin promises to ask and goes to look for Moiraine, leaving Simion with Loial.

Moiraine is not pleased about Perrin asking for Rand. She has seen the signs of a ta'veren passing through the town. The weddings and the Whitecloaks' behaviour are all the proof she needs. Lan suggests killing Simion to make sure he doesn't talk but Moiraine doesn't think that is necessary this time. She agrees to see Noam.

Simion takes Perrin and Moiraine to a shed where Noam is locked up. Noam turns out to be a wolfbrother like Perrin. But it seems Noam has turned into a wolf completely. Moiraine looks for any trace of humanity in Noam but can't find it. She can't help him. Knowing this could ultimately be his fate. Perrin sets Noam free so he can die like a free wolf, not a caged one.



The Whitecloaks

They are looking for Perrin.


What is the vile smell Perrin detects?


Ta'veren Effects
  • An epidemic of weddings
  • Whitecloak abandoning the Children of the Light

This is of note, because it is always said that being ta'veren affects chance, but only things that might have happened anyway will happen, but these are things that basically do not happen.

Would Moiraine really have let Lan murder Simion?


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The Whitecloaks

They are looking for Perrin. This becomes more significant when they enter the Two Rivers, partially at least to look for him.


What is the vile smell Perrin detects?

This is likely a Gray Man, as he smells it before the Gray Men attack in Illian.

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