The Executive Meeting

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The Executive Meeting

Four times a year, TarValon.Net has an Executive Meeting. This is often when the official annual Board of Directors meeting is also held. The Board, Officers and Executives are invited to this meeting, where they deliberate upon strategies which might have impact on the Administrative and Community Membership structures in the coming year.

The Meeting is an opportunity to achieve important changes to the site. TarValon.Net has always been in a constant process of evolution, as it improves its operations so it may serve the wider community in philanthropy and its members as a growing community. Every variation to existing procedure is introduced and established in order to enhance and improve our site, so it may test and stretch its boundaries as the leading philanthropy community in The Wheel of Time fandom.

Generally a week or two before the meeting, a tentative agenda is given to the Departments so that staff and administrators in the administration may give input on the proposed subjects for discussion. Our annual membership survey is also usually conducted in time for this meeting so that those present at the meeting can obtain a general feeling of the community about a variety of selected issues. These issues will usually be discussed in some manner at the Admin Meeting.

The meeting is usually a minimum of four hours, and at times has lasted as long as eleven hours. It encompasses all Administrative issues which are up for discussion. The data compiled from the Annual Membership Survey is also reviewed.

The majority of the meeting involves minor aspects of each Department, tending to involve discussion between the Officers and Directors. This includes, among many other things, an appraisal of the budget, philanthropy goals, assessment of certain administrative positions and many other mundane issues which allow TarValon.Net to function smoothly and with maximum efficiency.

The Meeting is also the time at which the CEO is able to describe any plans of future innovation, which allow our site to further its philanthropic aims and to continue serving its members as a fresh and ever-progressive community.

There are usually a number of policies instituted at the Meeting which have a major impact upon the site. In the past, a few cases which were implemented as a result of discussion at Meetings were the sharing of a bondmate’s Ajah/Company forum, evaluating members for raising to Senior Membership through the Hall rather than deliberation of either all Gaidin or all Aes Sedai, the Guesting program for Accepted/Soldiers and Voluntary Demotions for Senior Members.

After the meeting, the minutes are compiled and released to the administration so they can be current on the new policies. Once all administrators have had the chance to review the notes, the notes are released to the rest of the site through one or more posts made in the a dedicated forum by either the CEO or COO.

Any posts made about newly updated procedures are not discussion or debate threads, but rather serve the function of announcing these changes to the site’s members. In a site as large and dynamic as our own, it is vital to remember that every modification to existing policy is the result of an issue which required improvement. These policies are adjusted or instituted in response to previous member feedback of which the Administration was informed through the Chain of Command or within the Administrative structure or by the membership poll.

Any who wish to communicate about these newly instituted policies may do so by contacting their Community Membership Admin, who will relay any relevant information through the Chain of Command. All policies are, as always, up for review in the subsequent year’s Meeting.