The Eye of the World: Chapter 17

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Author: Dinn da Noor

Dragon's Fang Chapter Icon.png

Watchers and Hunters

Chapter Icon: Dragon's Fang

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Baerlon, Caemlyn Road

Characters: Rand, Mat, Perrin, Thom, various Baerloners, Nynaeve, Moiraine, Egwene, Lan


Rand meets a Myrddraal. The group flee Baerlon, forcing their way past a group of Whitecloaks.


Rand walks toward the common room after Nynaeve left him. He wants to hear people laugh and to forget what the Wisdom has said. When he enters the crowded room he sees that Thom is performing The Great Hunt of the Horn and he makes his way and sits down next to Perrin and Mat.

The gleeman performs 'The Bargain of Rogosh Eagle-eye', 'Lian's Stand', 'The Fall of Aleth-Loriel', 'Gaidal Cain's Sword' and 'The Last Ride of Buad of Albhain'. Finally he exchanges his harp with his flute and two men join him with a drum and a hammered dulcimer.

They clear the room for dancing and when Rand dances, he finds himself staring at a man with a scar crossing his whole face. He quickly looks away and wonders if he has insulted the man. Rand then dances with Nynaeve, Moiraine and Egwene before sitting down on the bench.

Toward midnight Moiraine and Egwene leave, and after one dance Nynaeve follows them. Lan walks up to Mat, Perrin and Rand and tells them that they should get to bed since they need to make an early start. Mat tells the Warder that a scarred man has been staring at him and Rand says that he stared at him too. Lan says that according to Master Fitch he's a spy for the Whitecloaks, but no worry for them.

The others go to their rooms but Rand decides to get some milk. He hurries to the kitchen and when he come out, a Fade walks toward him from the shadows and tells him that he is one of them. Rand wants to run but he cannot break free from the eye-less gaze. The Myrddraal says that Rand belongs to the Great Lord of the Dark before it darts down the hall and loses itself in the shadows. Lan leaps down the stairs, sword in hand, when Rand tells him what has happened. He says that they are leaving. The others join them and they walk to the stables to get their horses.

They ride down the streets of Baerlon alone, and when they reach the Caemlyn Gate, Lan wakes a Watchman and makes him open the gates. Five Whitecloaks appear and asks them who they are and why they want to leave at night. They tell them that a Draghkar has been seen flying over the town.

One of the Whitecloaks, Bornhald, recognizes Rand and tells the Watchmen that Rand's party are Darkfriends and that they will take them to their camp. Moiraine then starts talking, her voice coming from every direction. She seems to grow taller and Bornhald shouts 'Aes Sedai' while unsheathing his sword to attack Moiraine. She blocks his attack with her staff causing the Whitecloak to hurl back into his companions, sending them all down in a heap.

Lan commands the others through the gate and when Rand turns, he sees that Moiraine's head and shoulders are above the wall. They stop about fifty paces from the wall and watch the Aes Sedai step over the wall. When her feet are on the ground outside, she's suddenly back to her normal size again.

Even though Bornhald commands the Watchmen to hold the gates, they close and seal them. When Moiraine catches up with them, Egwene looks at her in awe and says how she was taller than a giant. She responds by saying that the mind plays tricks at night and the eye sees what is not there.

They move down the Caemlyn Road at an easy pace. After an hour, they see flames over Baerlon and Moiraine tells them that it's the inn. Nynaeve gets angry and asks her how she can say it so easily and why she doesn't help. The Aes Sedai tells her that she will send Master Fitch gold enough to rebuild the Stag and Lion. They continue their trip down the road till they make camp. Lan gives them one hour to sleep on.

Mat, Perrin and Rand whisper about whether they will be safe in Tar Valon before they fall asleep at last.

Lan wakes them just before dawn, and once they have rolled the blankets together and strapped them behind their saddles, they start riding again. At sunrise they eat breakfast in their saddles, all bleary-eyed and huddling in their cloaks except Lan. The Warder's eyes are searching constantly as if he expects an ambush at any moment.


Character Development

  • Lan is angry at Nynaeve for criticising Moiraine
  • Mat’s tendency not to think before he speaks continues, such as “I wouldn’t be in Egwene’s shoes for all the gold in Caemlyn”


  • How did the Myrddraal find them?


  • Telling the whole of the Hunt for the Horn would take a week or more
  • Bornhald is eager to confront Moiraine, despite the danger he knows she poses


First Mention

Rogosh of Talmour, Blaes of Matuchin

First Appearance

Arin, Dar



Ash, Willow


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


The Whitecloaks

The Perrin and the Whitecloaks subplot gets a start here


How did the Myrddraal find them?

It seems likely that Padan Fain is responsible for this. He certainly seemed happy to learn where they were staying


  • When Bornhald attacks Moiraine, she uses the mask of Mirrors

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