The Eye of the World: Chapter 20

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Author: Dinn da Noor

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Dust on the Wind

Chapter Icon: Trolloc Skull and Fist

Points of View: Rand, Perrin


The group separate. Rand, Mat and Thom make it onto the Spray, Perrin across the River.


Rand's Point of View:

Setting: Shadar Logoth,

Characters: Lan, Rand, Thom, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Moiraine, Nynaeve

Lan leads them down the streets, and Rand looks warily in the shadows and buildings as they pass. He sees that the Emond's Fielders and Thom have fallen thirty paces behind Lan and Moiraine. He speeds up, and a tendril of silver-gray fog drifts low across the street ahead of him. The Aes Sedai shouts lowly for him to stop, which he does. The fog is completely covering the streets, and it grows slowly. Lan and Moiraine ride slowly up to the fog which separates them, and when Nynaeve asks what it is, the Aes Sedai tells her about Mashadar, the evil of Shadar Logoth, which kills you by a mere touch and cannot be destroyed, even by the whole White Tower.

Moiraine points to a star and tells them to follow it, as it will bring them to the river. She and Lan then ride off, leaving the others alone. Rand leads the others in a half trot, and when they round a corner, a wall of fog closes the way. They wheel around and ten spans away, two Trollocs step into the street. Then another pair of Trollocs appear and another, and another, and another. They start howling, before they bound forward. Rand tries to gather the rest, but everybody has split up, and as he's pursued by three Trollocs, he speeds up.

Rand meets Mashadar again, but he manages to get himself through. The Trollocs and the Myrddraal which has hung on, try to go through, but get killed by the fog. After some time he meets Mat, who tells him that he's only seen Trollocs. They ride out of the gates, and suddenly Thom appears from behind, shouting for them to ride faster. Rand hears hunting cries, announcing the Trollocs on their trail.

Perrin's Point of View:

Location: River Arinelle

Characters: Egwene, Perrin

Perrin sits on his horse, watching the gateway. He wonders whether to risk the hundred spans to the gate, when another horse appears from the far side of the square in front of the gate. It turns out to be Egwene, and he rides out to meet her in the square. None of them have seen anybody, and they ride out of the gate.

Suddenly a Trolloc horn sounds behind them, and Trollocs start howling. Perrin leads Egwene into a gallop, but she falls behind and when he turns to urge her on, he rides right off the edge of a bluff into the Arinelle. The Trollocs start throwing spears at him and as he floats downriver, he swims against the other bank. As he reaches it, he calls out the names of his friends, but gets no answer.

Rand's Point of View:

Location: Spray

Characters: Rand, Mat, Thom, Bayle Domon, Floran Gelb

Rand, Mat and Thom have left the Trollocs behind, but as they had to twist and turn, they've lost sight of their guiding star. Just as the gleeman finds it, three Trollocs leap out of the trees. Mat shoots an arrow into one's eye, and he and Rand set off toward the river. Thom appears behind the Trollocs and kills two, but one of them runs away to alert others.

They reach a low bank and decide to go downriver. They meet a large trader's boat, and just as he is about to answer a question from Rand, Trollocs burst into the clearing. They run onto the boat and manage to wake the crew. They fight the Trollocs and get the boat out in the water. The captain gets angry with Floran Gelb as he was asleep when he should have been on watch and hadn't secured the boom. When Rand tells the captain that they must go back and pick up their friends, he commands Mat, Rand and Thom below.

In his cabin, he introduces himself as Bayle Domon, captain of the Spray. Thom says that he is a gleeman and that Mat and Rand are his apprentices. He goes on to telling a story he has made up about how he ended up where he is. When Thom tells him that they have little money, the captain suggests that Rand can give him his sword, something he denies. Mat and Rand then give him the silver coins they got from Moiraine, and Domon says that he can take them to Whitebridge.

Thom takes Mat and Rand on deck and growls to them that he could've gotten them passage for some songs and stories if they hadn't been so quick to show silver. Rand walks to the rail and stares up the river, and Thom comes up to him and tells him that he can't do anything, and that the others are probably safe with Moiraine and Lan.



  • Why are the Trollocs following Domon?


  • Moiraine points to a red star and tells them to head to it

Is this Mars?


First Mention

Bayle Domon, Floran Gelb

First Appearance

Bayle Domon, Floran Gelb



Hundred Arms, Nighthawk


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Character Development

  • As they escape the trolloc, a boom from she ship breaks loose and knocks them away. Domon swear it was tied up, so this was likely due to Rand channeling. This would be the incident that sparks his later reckless behaviour on the ship.


Tarmon Gaidon

There have been increased Trolloc raids all winter in Saldaea, even reaching Maradon


Perrin could make out the harsh voices of Trollocs from the other side of the river.


Why are the Trollocs following Domon?

Most likely because he has one of the Seals to the Dark One's prison

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