The Eye of the World: Chapter 28

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Footprints in Air

Chapter Icon: A Staff

Point of View: Nynaeve

Setting: Whitebridge

Characters: Nynaeve, Moiraine, Lan


Moiraine, Nynaeve and Lan find the boys had been in Whitebridge


Nynaeve, Moiraine and Lan approach Whitebridge. Nynaeve is impressed by the bridge that gives the town its name. Her mood is dark though; she has had several arguments with Moiraine about how to find the boys. She does not trust Moiraine's assurances she can find them.

When they enter Whitebridge they see signs of the trouble that occurred when Rand, Mat and Thom passed through. Houses have been burnt and there is a town militia patrolling the streets. It takes Moiraine some time to find out what happened. People deny Shadowspawn have been in the town. Bayle Domon's boat was attacked but got away.

Moiraine leads them to the same inn Rand, Mat and Thom went to and senses they were present there. An unfriendly member of the local militia tells them to be on their way after they finish their drink but decides Lan looks too dangerous to throw them out himself. Moiraine tells Nynaeve and Lan the boys were here and that they were very afraid of something. Lan senses that a Fade has been near. Despite this Moiraine decides to go after the one that still has the silver coin she gave him. She hopes the other two, the ones that were in Whitebridge will head for Caemlyn where she will look for them. Nynaeve wants to know what she means to do about Egwene. Moiraine makes it clear the boys are her priority and she will only look for Egwene if she can.


Character Development

  • Nynaeve thinks Lan would be useful if she could get rid of Moiraine. She then tells herself that this is the only reason, which seems a little unnecessary unles she is trying to persuade herself of something.
  • She finds Lan more infuriating than Moiraine even though he rarely speaks, a dozen words a day if that
  • She has started to think about the Power to Heal
  • Lan tells Nynaeve she should go back to the Two Rivers as the outside world is too dangerous.


While it may not be a major town, the people of Whitebridge are at least worldly enough to know that the Red Ajah is the one that deals with men who can channel.


How will Moiraine know when she is close to the two who have lost their coins? Why does strong emotion make it easier for her to detect them?
How does Moiraine know that Rand and Mat were at the Inn?


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How will Moiraine know when she is close to the two who have lost their coins?
How does Moiraine know that Rand and Mat were at the Inn?

These probably both have to do with the token. This could be a property of a Finder, or it could be a different weave

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