The Eye of the World: Chapter 31

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Author: Dinn da Noor

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Play for Your Supper

Chapter Icon: Heron-Marked Sword

Point of View: Rand

Setting: The Caemlyn Road

Characters: Rand, Mat, the Grinwells, Eazil Forney


Mat's suspicious nature annoys farmers until they stay with the Grinwells.


Rand and Mat are traveling the Caemlyn Road from Whitebridge when they encounter patrolling horsemen. They hide until they've passed and move on. Rand's hope of seeing Thom again is fading. They spend the nights outside, sleeping on the ground, as the little money they have is saved in case of an emergency. Rand mentions to Mat that they could sell the ruby dagger, but he refuses and gets angry. They get a meal and a bed at several farms in exchange for work, although some farmers would set their dogs on them.

They arrive at the Grinwell's farm, and Master Grinwell lets them work, even though he has nine children. Their eldest daughter, Else, starts flirting with Rand, and he worries about what her father might do if he catches her. After supper, Mat starts juggling and Rand plays Thom's flute. Master Grinwell suggests they should play at inns. When they leave early the next day, Mistress Grinwell, suspicious about Rand and her daughter, is happy to see him leave.

After walking all day, they arrive at dusk to the village Arien, and the innkeeper gives them a room and a hot meal for their entertainment. The next day, Eazil Fornay, a farmer who had drunk too much last night, gives them a ride out of the village. This becomes their way of traveling for several more days, and then they arrive at Four Kings.


Character Development

  • Mat is obsessed with the dagger
  • He is growing more surly and untrusting


First Mention

Else Grinwell, Master Grinwell, Mistress Grinwell, Alpert Mull, Eazil Forney

First Appearance

Else Grinwell, Master Grinwell, Mistress Grinwell, Alpert Mull, Eazil Forney

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