The Eye of the World: Chapter 34

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Author: Dinn da Noor

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The Last Village

Chapter Icon: Trolloc Skull and Fist

Point of View: Rand

Location: The Caemlyn Road

Characters: Rand, Mat, Almen Bunt, Raimun Holdwin


Rand and Mat see a Myrddraal asking after them. They get a ride to Caemlyn.


Rand and Mat are approaching Carysford and walk over the bridge over the River Cary. They pass through the village and spend the night in haystacks. When they wake up, the Caemlyn Road is filled with people on their way to Caemlyn to see the false Dragon. Merchants and patrols of the Queen's Guard pass them several times on the way. They pass through two villages, and at the third one they pause before an inn. They overhear a conversation between the innkeeper and a Fade asking for them. A man who had been at the other side of the inn with his cart talks to the innkeeper about his strange friends, and when the innkeeper goes back to his inn. Rand and Mat walks over to Bunt and asks him to take them to Caemlyn, and he agrees.

During the ride, Bunt tells them about Queen Morgase. She has an Aes Sedai advisor, Elaida, a daughter and a son named Elayne and Gawyn. Luc is dead and Tigraine is gone. Taringail Damodred married Morgase, but was killed after fathering Elayne and Gawyn.

Rand falls asleep and has nightmares. He awakes, and Bunt tells them that they've arrived at Caemlyn.



What happened to Tigraine?


  • Bunt thinks that the Illianers are great schemers
  • Bunt knows that the Aiel came because Laman chopped down Avendoraldera, so this may be common knowledge, even if people don't always put them leaving on the same day as him being killed with it.


First Mention

Almen Bunt, Raimun Holdwin, Elayne, Gawyn, Luc, Tigraine, Taringail, Elaida

First Appearance

Almen Bunt, Raimun Holdwin


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What happened to Tigraine?

This is resolved in book four, She went to the Waste and eventually gave birth to Rand

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