The Eye of the World: Chapter 39

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Author: Val a'Shain

Weaving of the Web

Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Point of View: Rand

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Rand, Mat, Basel Gill, Logain, a beggar/Darkfriend



Rand goes out to see Logain, but falls into a garden


Today is the day the captured False Dragon Logain will be presented to the Queen on his way to Tar Valon. Rand doesn't want to miss this opportunity to see both Logain and the Queen. He asks Mat to join him but Mat refuses; he has been getting increasingly suspicious, trusting no one but Rand.

On his way out Basel Gill tells him someone has been asking questions about Rand and his companions. The innkeeper describes him as a beggar. He also tells Rand to leave through the alleyway. The front of the inn is being watched by the faction that blames the Queen and her Aes Sedai advisor of all wrongs in the city.

Out on the street the tension is almost tangible. Violence between those supporting the Queen, indicated by the red armbands, cockades or wrappings, and those who oppose her, indicated by the color white, seems only a matter of time. Rand, still wearing his red wrappings, heads in the direction of the Inner City, where he thinks he has the best chance of seeing the Queen and Logain. He joins in with the crowd's song. In the Inner City, Rand runs into the beggar Master Gill was talking about. The beggar yells out and tries to reach Rand. Rand runs off without looking where he's going.

After he shakes off the beggar he finds himself in an unfamiliar part of the Inner City. He tries to find a good spot to watch the false Dragon. Rand hears the drums and trumpets accompanying Logain and the Aes Sedai guarding him. Rand climbs a wall to get a good look. He sees Logain being guarded by four Aes Sedai, all concentrating very hard. He wonders out loud why they do that. A girl's voice replies they are shielding him from the Source. Rand is so surprised he loses his balance and topples off the wall backward. On his way down he hits his head and passes out.



Why does Logain laugh?
Who was the beggar and what did he want

Common Themes

Mistrust of Aes Sedai

No one wants to think about the Aes Sedai with Logain

Character Development

  • Mat refuses to leave his bed

He insists Loial is a Trolloc


First Mention

Mother Grubb, Lamgwin

First Appearance

Lamgwin, Elayne


The city is turning against herbalists and healers

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