The Eye of the World: Chapter 47

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Author: Val a'Shain

Two Ravens Chapter Icon.png

More Tales of the Wheel

Chapter Icon: Two Ravens

Point of View: Rand

Location: Fal Dara

Characters: Rand, Mat, Loial, Moiraine, Lan, Perrin, Nynaeve, Egwene, Lord Agelmar, Padan Fain.


We hear Lan's story and that Padan Fain is a Darkfriend.


Lan and Moiraine are interrogating Padan Fain. The rest of the company is waiting with Lord Agelmar for their return. Lord Agelmar is talking to the ladies while the Ogier seems lost in his own thoughts. Rand, Perrin and Mat keep quiet as well. Then Egwene asks Lord Agelmar about Lan and the Golden Crane, and why he is called Lord of the Seven Towers.

Lord Agelmar tells them Lan's story. He tells about the nation of Malkier which not fifty years before lay north of Shienar and Arafel and about its royal family. King al'Akir Mandragoran and his brother Lain were as close as brothers could be but Lain's wife Breyan was jealous because Akir was on the throne and not her husband. On a dare by his wife Lain rode into the Blight to lead his lances in an expedition to Shayol Ghul, the seat of the Dark One. Lain and most of his party were slain, weakening Malkier's defences.

Breyan blamed the King for her husband's death and plotted against him with a man named Cowin Fairheart. They sent Malkier into chaos and civil war. At this point Fairhart, who was a Darkfriend, led the Trolloc hordes into Malkier. The defenseless nation was overrun quickly but not before the King and Queen managed to get their baby son Lan to safety in Shienar. While Lan grew up learning about the Blight and battle in Shienar, what was left of Malkier was gradually swallowed by the Blight. Al'Lan Mandragoran is the last king of Malkier, a king without​ a land, engaged in a war he can't win or end.

All of this is hard for Nynaeve to swallow but before they have chance to discuss it further Moiraine and Lan join them again. The company is curious about what they learnt from Fain. Moiraine is appalled by the evil in Padan Fain, he is beyond being a Darkfriend. He told her he was summoned to Shayol Ghul as early as three years ago to receive instructions from Ba'alzamon. Since that time he has been hunting for the three boys. It was Fain that found them in the Two Rivers, Fain that lead the Trollocs and Fades to Emond's Field and Fain that brought the Shadowspawn back on their trail after Moiraine set a false trail near Baerlon, all the while he was treated like an animal by the Fades. Fain started to hate the Dark One to the point where he wanted to break free.

At Shadar Logoth he finally saw his chance. He fled from his tormentors but soon found he couldn't get rid of the urge to hunt the three boys. He followed them to Caemlyn and even through the Ways to Shienar. Moiraine is still unsure why Machin Shin fled when it found him but the fact alone sends shivers of fear through the company. Lord Agelmar again offers men to accompany them in the Blight and offers shelter for the boys who are inexperienced in his eyes. Moiraine refuses again. She intends to leave for the Blight early the next day.


Character Development


Egwene puts her hand on Nynaeve and gives her a sympathetic look. She seems to have picked up on Nynaeve's feelings for Lan


Mat complains about Moiraine taking so long


Nynaeve doesn't ask about Lan but listens intently to his story


Does Moiraine really believe that three ta'veren could cause the Dark One to be woven out of the pattern completely.

This does not seem likely given what we know of the prophecies, but it also doesn't look like an exaggeration or a paraphrase

Mysteries Resolved

Fain brought the Trollocs to the Two Rivers and the Stag and Lion


  • Moiraine claims that Fain "performed rites that would strike you deaf to hear the half

This is clearly not literally true. An example of how far the oaths can be stretched


First mention

Cowin Fairheart, Breyan, al akir, Lain, Isam





This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


Does Moiraine really believe that three ta'veren could cause the Dark One to be woven out of the pattern completely.

Later, at the Last Battle, we see that when Rand said he would kill the Dark One, Moiraine thought this ridiculous

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