The Eye of the World: Chapter 52

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Author: Dinn da Noor

Three Leaves Chapter Icon.png

There Is Neither Beginning Nor End

Chapter Icon: Three Leaves on a Branch

Point of View: Rand

Location: The Blight

Characters: Rand, Egwene, Moiraine, Nynaeve, Mat, Perrin, Loial, Lan


They find the Horn of Valere and other things inside what was the Eye.


Rand wakes up on the cliff where he met Aginor. He finds some bits of green clothing, and understands that he's lying in the burnt remains of the Forsaken. He starts shouting that Shai'tan is dead, naming the Dark One because he thinks there is no more need for caution.

With some effort, he manages to get on his feet and down the hill, and when he reaches level ground, he starts running. He thinks about Egwene, but can't remember who she is. When he reaches the clearing, he starts shouting for her, and when he finds her with Moiraine and Nynaeve, he starts remembering.

They talk about what happened, and the Aes Sedai explains that the two Forsaken probably were trapped near the surface, and that the patch on the Dark One's prison weakened enough to free them. When Rand wants to tell them that he killed Shai'tan, she corrects him and says that they should still call him the Dark One, or at least Ba'alzamon. He then understands that he was wielding the One Power. Moiraine has already told Nynaeve and Egwene, so they are not surprised when he understands, but the Aes Sedai makes him tell her everything that happened in detail.

The others return from the cavern with a large gold chest ornate with silver, a big bundle of folded cloth and fragments of pottery. When they see Rand, they tell him how good it is to see him alive and that the women stopped them from looking for him.

When Mat asks how come the things they found in the Eye weren't destroyed, Moiraine tells him that they weren't put there to be destroyed, and takes the pottery pieces from Mat. She puts it together into a perfect circle, with the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai: the Flame of Tar Valon, joined with the Dragon's Fang. She gives Lan a knife, and he picks the largest fragment and brings the knife down with full force. There is not a mark on the piece, and the Aes Sedai says that it is cuendillar, heartstone, and that once made, nothing can break it. When Mat wonders how the piece was shattered, she tells him that it is one of the seals on the Dark One's prison.

Moiraine then opens the gold chest, and inside there is a curled, gold horn. It only has a line of silver script inlaid around the mouth of the bell, and the Aes Sedai says that it must be carried to Illian. Moiraine hands the horn to Loial who can read the Old Tongue, and the Ogier reads out loud: Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin, the grave is no bar to my call. Lan appears shaken and there's a touch of awe in his voice as he says it is the Horn of Valere.

The Aes Sedai wonders whether the Eye of the World was made for the use they put it or to guard the items. She then asks for the cloth, and Perrin gives it to Lan and Loial who unfold it and hold it up. It is the banner used by Lews Therin Telamon, the banner of the Dragon.

Moiraine says that they will rest and sleep before going on. With the Green Man gone, there is no one to hold the place away from the Blight, and Rand sees that dead leaves are falling from the trees already. When he asks the Aes Sedai if it's done, she tells him that what they came to do is finished, and that he from now may live his life as the Pattern weaves.


Character Development

  • Lan begins to teach Rand more of the sword


What was the purpose the Eye was designed for? What greatest threat?
Why send the Horn to Illian?

Probably because of the association Illian has with the great Hunt and the idea that Illianers would follow anyone who presented it

Mysteries Resolved

Moiriane reveals Rand's first use of the One Power was to Heal Bela

This also explains some of his illness since then. They can be traced to each time he channelled


  • Rand thinks he killed Ba'alzamon


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Rand is wrong that he killed Ba'alzamon.

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