The Eye of the World: Chapter 53

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Author: Dinn da Noor

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The Wheel Turns

Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Points of View: Rand, Moiraine


They return to Fal Dara.


Rand's Point of View:

Setting: The Blight, Fal Dara

Characters: Rand, Egwene, Moiraine, Nynaeve, Mat, Perrin, Loial, Lan, Ingtar, Lord Agelmar

The flowers are gone and the trees have shed almost all of their leaves. The cool breezes have been replaced by a sticky heat, but a thin circle of grass and flowers have centered on the thick trunk above the Green Man's grave. Mounted, the party is ready to move on, but Loial says that it is not right that Treebrother should fall to the Blight. He walks over to the tree and starts singing in a rumbling voice as if the earth sings. When he is done, the leaves on the oak seem greener, and the flowers circling it stand straighter.

They then ride out into the Blight, and though Rand half expects their group to be attacked like they were on the way in, nothing moves or attacks them. Lan chooses a campsite just before sunset, and the next morning the Blight fades as they come further south. Twisted trees are replaced by straight, and slowly the forest around them becomes red with new growth, and it is as if spring now had raced to catch up to where it should be.

When they reach the border, men come out of the watchtowers to greet them, laughing with joy as if they can not believe the new grass under their feet. They tell about a great victory for the Light in Tarwin's Gap. They reach Fal Dara in the afternoon where the soldiers newly come to Fal Dara celebrate the victory and the spring. When they meet Ingtar, he is the only one not happy as he came an hour too late to see. Moiraine insists on them being brought to Lord Agelmar. When they meet him, he tells them that the men says the Light took on flesh and fought for them, and that the Creator walked in the Gap, but that he only saw a man, and what he did cannot be. The Aes Sedai replies to him that the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. After making sure Padan Fain is secure, she shows him the Horn of Valere, but refuses him to use it to march to the Blasted Lands and level Shayol Ghul, but asks of an escort for it to Illian where it belongs.

Seven days later, Rand finishes his sword practice with Lan in Agelmar's private garden and meets Egwene. He tells her that he will go away, and when she asks him if he'll be going home, he tells her that he'll never go home.

Moiraine's Point of View:

Location: Fal Dara

Characters: Moiraine

Moiraine sits in Agelmar's private garden with the small blue gem in her fingers and the seal in her lap. The faint glow fades away from the stone, and though the stone in itself has no power, the first use she had learned of the One Power, was to use the stone to listen to people when they thought they were too far off to be overheard. Smiling, she whispers that the Prophecies will be fulfilled and that the Dragon is Reborn.



Agelmar describes seeing a man, but does not recognise Rand


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Rand states that he won't touch saidin again, even if he has to cut off his hand. Of course, he does later lose a hand, though it was not cut off

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