The Eye of the World: Chapter 7

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Author: Arn Oakenskye

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Out of the Woods

Chapter Icon: Leafless Tree

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Emond's Field, The Winespring Inn

Characters: Rand, Tam, Master Luhhan, Egwene, Nynaeve, Thom, Mayor al'Vere, Moiraine Sedai, Lan


It is discovered that Moiraine is an Aes Sedai who helped defend the town.


Morning is coming on as Rand approaches Emond's Field. At first he begins to smile until noticing the heavy smoke over the village. Half the village has been burned.

The blacksmith, Master Luhhan, rushes to Rand as he comes from the woods and helps him carry Tam to Nynaeve. Egwene, running around trying to help others, leads Rand and Master Luhhan to Nynaeve.

Master Luhhan speaks a bit of the night while they wait for Egwene to get Nynaeve. He tells Rand that Mat's alive and that they will pick up the pieces and build again and that the Light will take care of them and if it doesn't they will take care of themselves. Then Master Luhhan leaves Rand to wait for Nynaeve, saying he has things to do.

Nynaeve looks Tam over but says she can do nothing for him. Nynaeve knows what her medicines can do and also knows when it's too late to help someone. Rand protests, but Nynaeve tells him she has to help those she knows she can help. Rand's hope crumbles and he feels empty. Thinking the Mayor will know what to do, Rand heads to the Winespring Inn.

Thom is outside the inn and helps Rand carry Tam inside. The Mayor is surprised to see the al'Thors alive and helps Rand get Tam to a bed.

He speaks to Rand of the night and how Moiraine called a ball of lightning down from the sky and Lan was a whirlwind with his sword, that he was a weapon himself, seeming to be in ten places at once fighting the Trollocs.

After a little prompting from Thom, the Mayor suddenly realizes there is a way to help Tam. Mayor al'Vere tells Rand how Aes Sedai can Heal, and though nobody ever wants to get involved with Aes Sedai, its the only chance he can see to help Tam. Rand is willing to do anything, even deal with the Aes Sedai, to save Tam.

Rand goes and finds Moiraine and Lan who are searching the dead Trollocs. The Aes Sedai and her Warder discover Trollocs are working together in a way not seen since the Trolloc Wars. Moiraine says she fears they are further behind than ever.

Moiraine murmurs that there is 'A little more light in the darkness' when she sees Rand and asks him how his dreams are. Rand isn't concerned with dreams at the time and tells her about his father, saying he'll pay any price to save Tam. Moiraine is tired, but agrees to do what she can do for Rand's father.


Common Themes

Mistrust of Aes Sedai
  • Many of the Two Rivers folk refuse to let her help
  • Someone draws the Dragon's fang on the inn door because Moiraine and Lan are staying there
  • Thom did not want to be the one to suggest asking Moiraine for help
  • Despite this, once suggested, both Bran and Rand are quick to accept Moiraine's help and give little thought to tales of the Aes Sedai being Darkfriends.


  • Why does Moiraine think Rand is "worth it"
  • What is an angreal?


First Mention


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


  • Why does Moiraine think Rand is "worth it"

Mostly because she is hoping one of the boys is the Dragon Reborn. When the trollocs attack, this likely increases her confidence.

  • What is an angreal?

This is explained pretty quickly - an object that aids a person to channel more than they could otherwise

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