The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 30

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Author: Val a'Shain

Dragon Chapter Icon.png

A Wager

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Eianrod, Cairhien

Characters: Rand, Sulin, Estean, Meresin, Daricain, Rhuarc


Rand is looking at the river flowing through the town of Eianrod to get away from Moiraine's relentless lessons. Last night when he dismissed her she actually begged to be allowed to stay. Sulin and his usual guard of Maidens is with him. He asks why he hasn't seen Enaila and Adelin around for a while and Sulin replies he will see them back when they have stopped playing with dolls.

A group of riders approaches escorted by Aiel. The riders are a group of Tairens and Cairhienin. Rand is interested to hear what they can tell him. The Tairens are lead by Estean and Edorion, young nobles Rand remembers from Tear. The Cairhienin are lead by Meresin and Daricain. They want to know if Rand sent the Aiel against Cairhien. Rand explains the Shaido are his enemies and that he intends to save the city. Rhuarc tells Rand the city still held a few days ago.

These men have been sent to get help, they say the city can hold out for another seven or eight days. The conditions in Cairhien are bad. The city has been flooded with refugees the Shaido drove in front of them. The Forgate burnt to the ground and food is almost gone. Rand sends Meresin and Daricain back to Cairhien to tell the defenders he is on his way. Edorion will go with them and places a bet on them making it to Cairhien in seven days. Rand doesn't have the amount he wants to put on it but Sulin says he has it and will meet the bet. After that they ride for Cairhien.

Rhuarc now wants to ask Estean about the conditions in Cairhien. Rand stresses he should limit himself to asking. They are allies now after all. Rhuarc also suggests sending out scouts to see how the situation is. Then Rand retires for the night.

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