The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 32

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Author: Val a'Shain

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A Short Spear

Chapter Icon: Insect like Helmet

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Eianrod in Cairhien, somewhere on the Seanchan continent

Characters: Rand, Aviendha, Lady Morsa, Jalindin, Asmodean


Rand uses the One Power to create an exit from their shelter. When he pokes his head out he sees two people on a strange flying beast passing over them. Apparently their arrival didn't go unnoticed. Aviendha and Rand make their way to the gateway trying not to be seen. When they get there they find their way is blocked by a group of about twenty people. Two of them wear collars around their necks connected to bracelets worn by two other women. Rand knows now where he is. The women are damane, they are somewhere on the Seanchan continent

He asks Aviendha if she can shield the damane. He will bind the others. Dividing flows so many ways will be a challenge but he thinks he can do it. Their channeling works and Rand and Aviendha make their way to the gateway. Rand can see a weave he didn't put in there. Asmodean? Or one of the other Forsaken?

Rand wants to release the damane but he can't touch the collars himself. He asks Aviendha to look at them. One of the Seanchan, Lady Morsa, recognizes Rand. She was at Falme. Rand warns her not to give him trouble or he will repeat that here. One of the other Seanchan, a Seeker for Truth named Jalindin, has some questions about Falme Lady Morsa would rather not answer. It looks like the Seeker for Truth is not going to let her get away though.

Aviendha has no luck releasing the damane and Rand sees the gateway getting smaller. They will have to leave now. Releasing the flows holding the Seanchan, Rand and Aviendha jump through the gateway. Before it snaps shut a spear follows then through and is cut clean in half by the gateway.

Asmodean is waiting for them in Rand's room. Rand immediately shields him. After Aviendha leaves he comments on the strange scepter Rand is holding. Rand looks at the spear and decides to keep it to remind him there are more enemies than the ones he can see. He demands to know how Asmodean hid the gateway and why he hasn't mentioned it before. Asmodean protests that Rand always has so many questions that he can hardly bring anything else up. Rand tells him to talk of two things Rand hasn't asked about every lesson. Rand asks how he can slice through a woman's weave as he has seen Lanfear do once. The Forsaken has until dawn to teach him.

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