The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 39

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Dragon Chapter Icon.png

Encounters in Samara

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Nynaeve

Setting: Samara

Characters: Nynaeve, Uno, Ragan, Masema, Alliandre, Galad


Nynaeve is following Uno through the streets of Samara. They meet up with one of the other Shienarans, Ragan, and proceed to where Masema is staying. Uno and Ragan are forced to give up their weapons before entering.

Once they are inside, they are stopped and told that the Prophet is busy. He is speaking to a woman who is wearing a lot of jewelry. Nynaeve is surprised by their exchange, which is about law in Ghealdan. The woman hands all of her jewelry over to Masema. Nynaeve is told that every penny goes to the poor.

When the woman leaves, Nynaeve, Uno and Ragan are admitted. Masema is disapproving of Nynaeve's appearance. Uno quickly introduces her. "This is Nynaeve al'Meara. From Emond's Field, in the Two Rivers, whence the Lord Dragon comes. She was at Fal Dara with the Lord Dragon, and at Falme. The Lord Dragon rescued her at Falme. The Lord Dragon cares for her as for a mother." Masema recognizes her and is ecstatic; he says that Nynaeve can help him, can relate to people the first words of wisdom of the Lord Dragon, and the miracles that accompanied his childhood. Nynaeve cautiously replies that the Lord Dragon has summoned her to Tear, and that she needs a riverboat in order to reach him. Masema reluctantly agrees to help her.

Once Nynaeve, Uno and Ragan leave, the two Shienarans tell Nynaeve about what has been happening in Ghealdan since Masema arrived. Nynaeve learns that the woman who had been speaking to Masema was Alliandre, the Queen of Ghealdan. At first, she thinks that Alliandre is doing a horrible job as queen, submitting so easily to the Prophet. Uno and Ragan tell her that there have been four monarchs on the throne. Johanin thought that Masema was a harmless mad man and did nothing about the crowds growing in Ghealdan. He died in a "hunting accident". Ellizelle, who succeeded him, tried to disperse the crowds; she was poisoned. Teresia replaced her, and after she sent soldiers against folk who had gathered to hear Masema, she supposedly abdicated to marry a rich merchant, though she, of course, had no choice. Alliandre is the fourth ruler in the past year, and immediately upon gaining the throne, informed Masema that he would not be troubled again. It is only by submitting to the Prophet that she keeps her life and her throne.

It is then that they realize there is a Whitecloak following them. Nynaeve tells Uno and Ragan to take the next turn so that she can get a look at his face. It is Galad.

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